Complete quests to advance the story, unlock contents, and more. Quests are divided into main story traveler stories, and side stories. The conditions to unlock and undertake tese stories vary. You can also prioritize quests. Doing so will create an icon on the mini map displaying the quests destinations. How to prioritize quests: quests >select prioritize quest.

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    Quest types: the icons color shows its influence type, and the number inside the icon differs based on your quest progress. Main story - these quests will progress the game's main storyline. Complete the quest to obtain influence. Traveler stories - these quests are related specific travelers and are comprised of a prologue and between one to three chapters. You must have the corresponding character to proceed from chapter 1 onward. Complete the quest to obtain rubies, influence, and other rewards. Side stories - these quests contain other stories not covered by the other two categories.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC traveler story unlock conditions:

    Each traveler is associated with a certain town. To unlock their traveler story, you must complete the first main story quest that occurs in that town. You can check which town a traveler is associated with by going to status > story. The first towns you reach in the eight regions are Valore, Emberglow, theatropolis, Rippletide, Gragspear, Clearbrook, Sunshade, and Shephers rocks. Some characters may have different unlock conditions than those mentioned above.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC the nameless town:

    The nameless town side story will be unlocked once you finish the first chapter of one of the following main stories: Master of Wealth, Master of Power, or Master of Fame. You can reach the nameless town by undertaking the quest from the woman named Nephti in Theatropolis. You can fast travel to the town after visiting it for the first time. The nameless town starts as a flat expanse of land with nothing on it, but will begin to flourish as you find new residents and obtain building materials from Elite Enemies. Undertake quests from Nephti and aspiring townsfolk in other lands to rebuild the town. Some building materials can be obtained at the exchange by going to menu > exchange > other > memory shards.
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