Hunts are special quests you can undertake at innes. Speak to the innkeeper in town and use order forms to enter unique dungeons. You will only encounter ELite enemies while in these dungeons, and you can complete the hunt by striking down your target. You will also find treasure chests behind elite enemies other than your target. You can also undertake hunts by going to quests and tapping hunts. If you give up, you will not able to keep the items you have found in the dungeon. Hunts will be unlocked as your progress through the main story.

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    Rewards: complete quests to earn guidestones for your party members, which you can use to limit break them. A character's class will determine how manu of these guidestones you need. If your party's influence meets certain conditions, you will obtain additional rewards. For more etails on party influence, go to party influence on the help dection. You can obtain additional guidestones for specific characters during their promotional periods. Hunts started before the promotional period are not eligible for additional rewards.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC order forms:

    Each hunt consumes a single order form. You can hold up to seven total, and you will automatically receive one new order form every day at 9:00. You can purchase order forms up to five times in a day, but the rubies required very depending on the number of purchases you make. Order forms will be replenished every day at 9:00 after undertaking your first hunt.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC easy hunts:

    Complete a hunt once to unlock it as an easy hunt. You will need to use the same order form as the original hunt to undertake it, but you will complete the dungeon and obtain the rewards without playing through the hunt itself. Effects from skills and accessories will not affects EXP or leaves acquired. The EXP, leaves, and items you can obtain are based off the original hunt. The guidestones and completion rewards are the same as the original hunt.
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