• OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC influence.

    This is a quantification of the influence that the main characters hold. It is divided into three categories: wealth, power, and fame. Both the band and your parties have influence. Band influence: you ca obtain influence through various means such as unlocking a character's class board, completing quests, and accomplishing feats. Gain enough influence and your influence rank will increase, granting you rubies. Traveler skills, and other rewards.

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    Part influence: is the sum of the influence of all travelers in the party. Your party will need a certain amount of influence to obtain some hunt rewards. You can view a traveler's influence on the status screen.
    Traveler skills: are abilities that will benefit the entire band. They can be obtained as rewards when raising your influence rank. Acquiring traveler skills: menu> influence> accept. Traveler skills obtained differ based on influence. To view detail on a traveler skills effects go to the menu > influence > traveler skills.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC feats & tasks:

    Meet certain requirements to accomplish feats and earn yourself rewards like rubies and influence. There are many different types of feats, including those related to battle and path actions. To learn more go to menu > feats > feat. Treasure chests opened during hunts are not counted toward the treasure hunter feat.
    Tasks: complete tasks by fulfilling certain conditions to earn rewards. These are different than feats and will generally reset after a set amount of time. Daily tasks: these can be completed once a day and will reset daily at 9:00 Weekly tasks: these can be completed once every seven days and will reset every monday at 9:00. Notice tasks - these are for newcomers and will not be reset.

    OCTOPATH TRAVELER CotC find the cait treasure:

    To find the cait treasure, you can watch video ads to obtain all sorts of items. To watch ads, go to find > find the cait treasure. The items you can obtain are selected at random. You may only watch a certain number of videos per day. The number of videos you can watch will reset every day at 9:00. Due to the nature of video advertisements, there is a limit to the number of videos that can be viewed per device, so you may not be aboe to view the video, if this occurs, please try again later in an area with a better connections.
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