ALICE Fiction Member Pass
  • ALICE Fiction Member Pass.

    ALICE Member Pass Exchange
    You can use Member Medals to exchange for items, icons, and exclusive World Memories.
    ALICE Member Pass
    All users you login to ALICE are considered ALICE Members.ALICE Members can use the ALICE Member Pass Exchange to receive icons and battle records.ALICE Member Pass operates on seasons, and the lineup will change with each season.
    ALICE Member Pass Lv.
    Your ALICE Member Pass has levels, and when your level goes up, your lineup expands.Your level goes up when you collect a certain amount of Member Medals in each season.
    Special ExchangeAfter ALICE Member Pass Lv. 11, you can view the lineup within the "Special Exchange".To go there, tap "To Special Exchange" on the top right of the ALICE Member Pass Exchange screen.

    You can use ALICE Fiction hack

    How to Expand the Lineup wiki:
    There are two way to expand the lineup:1. Collect Member Medals and raise your ALICE Member Pass Lv.2. Purchase the ALICE Gold Pass.
    ALICE Gold Pass
    If you purchase the ALICE Gold Pass, you can unlock a special lineup that includes exclusive World Memories.You can purchase the ALICE Gold Pass by going to "Exchange" on the left side of the Home Screen, tapping "Member Pass", and tapping "ALICE Gold Pass" on the bottom left of the screen.*The ALICE Gold Pass is only valid for that season, regardless of when you purchase the pass.
    Lineup Update
    The line for the ALICE Member Pass is updated each season.
    Number of ExchangesYou can exchange for items in the lineup once.

    You can purchase value packs or passes (in which the effects last for a certain time period).
    You can also check the expiration of passes you've purchased.

    ALICE Fiction Buy Quartz wiki:

    You can purchase Quartz.

    How to Purchase
    To do this:
    1. Tap "Shop" on the left side of the Home Screen.
    2. Tap "Buy Quartz".
    3. Tap the Quartz pack you wish to purchase.
    4. Tap "OK" on the confirmation window and follow the instructions on the screen.
    *You can also purchase Quartz by tapping the "+" icon on the top section of the Home Screen.

    About All Paid Quartz
    There are two types of All Paid Quartz, Paid Quartz and Bonus Quartz, but you can use both of these as Paid Quartz.
    Additionally, Quartz will be used up in order of Free, Bonus, and Paid.

    Quartz and Credits When Transferring Player Data
    If you transfer your data to a device with the same OS, you can transfer over your Paid Quartz, Bonus Quartz, Free Quartz, and Credits.

    If you transfer your data to a device with a different OS, you will not be able to use the Paid and Bonus Quartz after transferring to the different OS.
    *Your Free Quartz and Credits will transfer over, even with a different OS.
    Additionally, after transferring to a different OS, if you transfer again to the OS you originally were using, you can use the Paid and Bonus Quartz on that device again.

    ALICE Fiction Recharge Energy wiki

    You can recover 120 energy using Quartz.

    Maximum Recovery
    You can hold up to 999 energy.
    Your energy cannot go over 999.

    Example: If you currently have 997/100 energy, you cannot recover 120 because you would go over 999.

    Maximum Number of Purchases
    You can only recover energy a set amount of times per day.
    The amount of Quartz required will depend on how many times you have recovered energy that day.
    This count will reset every day at 1:00 PM.

    How to Recover
    To do this:
    1. Tap "Shop" on the left side of the Home Screen.
    2. Tap "Recover Energy".
    3. Tap "Buy".
    4. Tap "OK" if you wish to proceed. Your energy will be recovered.
    *You can also recover energy by tapping the "+" icon on the top section of the Home Screen.
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