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    Each Gunpla part has a set attribute. Having at least five parts of the same attribute will assign your Gunpla that attribute.
    Attributes grant an increase in damage against Gunplas of a particular attribute, in addition to decreasing damage received from them. Attributes can also be a requirement to activate part traits, so it’s good to be mindful of them.
    There are also parts that have the same name but different attributes.
    Not only do different-attribute parts perform differently, they also activate “Attribute Links”, which strengthen your Gunpla even further just by having them.

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    Job Licenses wiki
    After clearing Story Mission 3, you’ll be able to set Job Licenses to Gunplas. Actions for each Job License will be unlocked, and your auto-battle Gunpla and ally AIs will move according to their Job License.
    For example, if you set your Gunpla to be a long-range Middle-Shooter and your allies to be close-range Defenders or Out-Fighters, you can attack from a distance while your allies draw your enemies’ attacks. The selectable Job Licenses vary for each AI Pilot, so set an AI Pilot that works for your build

    Gundam breaker mobile Story Missions wiki:

    STEP 1: Proceed with Story Missions
    Start by clearing story missions to unlock content.
    Story Unlocked contents
    Story Mission 1 ・Event Mission
    ・Daily Mission
    ・Free Mission Normal
    Story Mission 3 ・Job License
    ・Builders Training
    ・Attribute Link
    ・Job Grade/Word Grade
    ・Mission Creation
    Story Mission 6 ・Free Mission Hard/Very Hard
    ・Battle Circuit
    STEP 2: Obtain Parts and AI Pilots
    Obtain parts from capsules or the Shop, and strengthen your squad.
    You can obtain parts and AI Pilots from the following capsules for free once per day (Resets every day at 5:00 AM JST):
     Capsule x1 in Standard Gunpla Parts Capsules
     Capsule x1 in Standard AI Pilots Capsules
     Capsules x10 in Friend Points Capsules

    STEP 3: Upgrade Parts
    Tune up parts and equip Marks obtained from Builders Training to greatly enhance your battle power.
    If you don’t have enough materials, you can play a Daily Mission once a day without spending EN.
    STEP 4: Sortie for Event Missions
    Complete event Achievements and get event items to exchange for new Gunpla parts and valuable Tune-Up Materials.
    Putting boost-qualifying Gunpla parts and AI Pilots on your squad when you sortie will yield even more rewards.

    STEP 5: Try Out Other Content
    Put your Gunpla to the test in the Arena, multi-missions, the Battle Circuit, and much more.
    Complete Daily Achievements by trying your hand at a variety of content to get up to 50 Haro Chips daily

    Gundam breaker mobile wiki: Upgrade Parts and AI Pilots

    Once you've completed a build you're satisfied with, it's time to start upgrading parts.
    Increase Your Levels - You can increase the level of parts and AI Pilots to boost their parameters. To do so, tap the Upgrade button in the part’s Details screen, or go to the Upgrade tab of the Held Parts list.
    You’ll need items which increase EXP, like Upgrade Nippers and Upgrade Memories, as well as the requisite Capital, which will depend on the part’s upgrade status.
    Upgrade materials can be earned from event missions and Daily Missions, or randomly from the Supply Stash on the Home screen
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