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    Here you can use the parts you have to assemble Gunplas.
    You can save up to nine Gunplas at a time, assigning a name to each.
    You can also change their colors in Painting, or specify conditions to automatically build a Gunpla using Auto Build.

    [Body Parts]
    – Head
    – Body
    – Arms
    – Legs
    – Back

    – Short-Range
    – Long-Range

    – Shield

    [AI Pilots]
    – AI pilots

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    Parts wiki
    Parts are broadly divided into [Body], [Weapon], [Shield] and [AI Pilot].

    ■Part Settings
    – Stars (★): Part rarity goes from 1 to 7 stars. The more ★, the rarer the part.
    – Level: Increases in Gunpla battles or through upgrades. Affects parameters.
    – Attributes: Attributes set to each part.
    – Parameters: Values like Attack and Defense directly connected to Combat Power.
    – EX Skills: Special skills used in Gunpla battles.
    – Part Traits: Traits that activate under special conditions. (Note: Some parts do not have such traits.)
    – Word Tags: Divided into such categories as “Mass Production Gunpla”. Completing a set activates a special effect.
    – Growth: How quickly a part improves. The fewer weight icons a part has, the faster it will grow. (Parameters, EX Skills, and Part Traits each have a set value.)

    ■Body Parts
    Each part broadly affects the following parameters:
    – Head: Shot Attack, Shot Defense
    – Body: Armor, Beam Resist and Physical Resist
    – Arms: Melee Attack, Melee Defense
    – Legs: Armor, Melee Defense
    – Back: Armor, Melee Attack

    ■Weapon Parts
    There are two types of weapons: [Melee Weapons] like sabers or [Ranged Weapons] like rifles.
    Read the Weapons section for more details.

    ■Shield Parts
    Affect Melee Defense, Shot Defense, Beam Resist and Physical Resist.

    ■AI Pilots
    Affect each parameter

    Gundam breaker mobile Integrated Parts wiki:

    Some parts are integrated from multiple parts, like Acguy’s Body and Legs. These are known as integrated parts.

    Integrated parts share the same level, attributes, parameters, EX Skills, part traits, word tags, and growth. Any upgrades or tune-ups applied on an integrated part will be applied to the other parts as well. Integrated parts cannot be painted separately

    1/100 Parts
    Gunpla parts that are made larger than usual, at 1/100 scale.

    ■Sub Slot Scale Difference Bonus
    When using a sub slot unlocked through a 6★ tune-up, equipping a main and sub part of different scales will result in a further bonus to parameter increases.

    *SD parts will be considered the same as 1/144 parts.

    Gundam breaker mobile wiki: Weapons

    Weapons are broadly divided into Melee and Ranged Weapons.
    Each weapon has a level, which can be raised through EXP from battles or through upgrades like fusion. Raising a weapon’s level increases its abilities, such as attack power.

    ■Melee Weapons
    Weapons that affect Melee Attack at close range. These are the different types of melee weapons:
    – Sabers
    – Axes
    – Blades
    – Lances
    – Module
    – Dual Sabers
    – Whip
    – Twin Blade

    ■Ranged Weapons
    Weapons that affect Shot Attack at mid-to-long range. These are the different types of ranged weapons:
    – Rifles
    – Long Rifles
    – Machine Guns
    – Bazookas
    – Gatling Gun
    – Twin Rifle
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