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    Gear is specialized equipment which can be attached to your Gunpla's inner frame.
    Equipping Gear increases a Gunpla's stats in addition to giving other benefits.
    You can equip Chest-Gear, R-Arm-Gear, L-Arm-Gear, R-Leg-Gear, and L-Leg-Gear to each of their respective part slots.
    Currently owned Gear can be checked from the parts list.

    ■ Unlock Condition
    Usable after clearing Story Mission 3.

    ■ How to Craft
    Gear can be crafted by accessing Blueprint in the Shop.
    The Scraps and amount of Capital required for crafting differs based on the Gear being crafted. Check Blueprint in the Shop for further details.

    ■ How to Equip

    Tap "Skin/Gear" at the top of the Build screen.
    After selecting a slot, select the Gear you want to equip.

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    Custom Skins wiki

    A function that allows you to create custom skins from your parts.
    There are no rarity or level restrictions for combining parts.

    At first, there will only be one custom skin slot available, but more can be added from the Shop.

    Like regular Gunplas, custom skins can be painted to your favorite colors using color presets.

    ■EX Skills
    Three EX Skills can be selected for use from the parts equipped to your custom skin.

    ■Regarding Missions
    If the attack attributes (physical/beam) and weapon types (saber, Gatling, etc.) of your custom skins and build contents differ, the settings of the custom skin will take priority.

    Gundam breaker mobile Skins wiki:

    Skins can be equipped to a built Gunpla in order to completely change its appearance.Equipping a skin will keep a Gunpla’s parameters, attributes, word tags, part traits, job licenses, and Gear the same, changing only its appearance and usable EX Skills.

    ■ Unlock ConditionUsable after clearing Story Mission 3.

    ■Skin EX SkillsIn exchange for becoming unable to use EX Skills originally available to a Gunpla, you will be able to use EX Skills set for that skin.When you equip a skin to a Gunpla, the previously equipped EX Skills will be reset.

    Gundam breaker mobile Custom Abilities wiki

    When activating a Limit Burst (skills that activate when the Job Gauge of a Gunpla with a Job License other than All-Rounder is completely filled), you can also activate up to 3 more abilities of your choosing along with the standard effect.
    However, ability effects end when the Limit Burst ends.
    Note that you cannot set the same ability multiple times.

    ■Upgrading Abilities
    Abilities can be upgraded by using Ability Upg. Material.
    Raising an ability’s level will make it more effective
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