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    Bonus traits are special traits that can be set separately from part traits.

    Bonus traits are automatically granted when obtaining a 4★-or-higher part from a capsule (*excluding certain capsules).
    Items known as trait codes can be used to grant various traits to a part of your choosing.
    You can change a part’s current bonus trait by using a trait code or by fusing it with a bonus trait–carrying part of the same Gunpla.
    (When merging two LvMAX Parts, you can equip a Bonus Trait using a Trait Code that was obtained from selling a Part from the same Gunpla that also had a Bonus Trait)
    Give your favorite parts the bonus traits you want, and make your Gunpla even stronger!

    *Unlike part traits, the Lv of bonus traits does not increase when parts are fused.

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    ■Trait Codes
    Items used to grant a bonus trait to a part.
    You can check which trait codes you currently possess from the Trait Code tab in the Held Parts list screen.

    Trait codes can be obtained through the following methods:
    —Exchanging Code Coins at the Coin Exchange
    —Selling parts with bonus traits
    (*Selling parts will give you trait codes exclusive to that part’s Gunpla or AI Pilot.)

    ■Code Coins
    Items which can be exchanged for trait codes at the Coin Exchange.

    You can obtain Code Coins through the following methods:
    —Selling trait codes
    —Recycling parts with bonus traits, or using parts with bonus traits as an upgrade material
    —Using trait codes on parts with bonus traits

    The amount of Code Coins received depends on the Lv of the trait code or bonus trait which is consumed.

    Sell Trait Code Lv 1 → Obtain one Code Coin
    Sell Trait Code Lv 2 → Obtain two Code Coins
    Sell Trait Code Lv 3 → Obtain three Code Coins

    Gundam breaker mobile Activation Word Tags wiki:

    Each part has at least two word tags displaying that part’s specialty, such as “Protagonist Gunpla” or “Mass Production Gunpla”. If five or more of the same word tag appear in parts used in a build, they will activate a special effect. You can activate up to three word tags at a time

    Gundam breaker mobile Attributes wiki

    Each part has an attribute set to it: Power, Speed, or Technique.
    A Gunpla’s attribute is determined when you set five or more parts of the same attribute when building it. When the selected parts don’t add up to five of a single attribute, the Gunpla will have no attribute. The three attributes have a rock-paper-scissors style relationship, with advantages and disadvantages as explained below. Gunplas without attributes are not affected by this relationship.

    When you find yourself stuck on a mission, take another look at the attribute set to your Gunpla.
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