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    Squad List

    Allows you to save Gunplas from your Gunpla List as a Squad. You can set three Gunplas: your own Gunpla—which you will control—and your two Allies, which will act as your comrades.

    Free Squad
    Squads that you can form using built Gunplas without worrying about overlapping parts.
    Parts can be added to Free Squad Gunplas even if those parts are already equipped to Gunplas registered to your Gunpla List.
    (*You cannot equip the same copy of a part to multiple Gunplas in the same Free Squad.)
    Like regular Squads, Free Squads can sortie in missions and in 3-on-3 arena matches.

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    Mission Types wiki:
    There are various types of missions, including daily and story missions. You receive certain rewards for clearing missions. Check each mission’s explanation for the rewards offered.

    – Tutorial Missions: Missions where you can master the basic controls.
    – Story Missions: Missions that progress the game story.
    – Free Missions: Missions that let you dive into a battle any time.
    – Daily Missions: Missions that can only be attempted on a certain day.
    – Multi-Missions: Missions you play with other players.
    – Arena: Tournaments held at regular intervals.
    – Events: Missions only available for a limited time

    Gundam breaker mobile Tutorial Missions wiki:

    Missions for learning the basic controls. Follow the instructions, then try out the techniques in actual gameplay

    Story Missions - Missions that let you experience battles in a story featuring original characters.

    Free Missions - Missions that let you dive into a battle any time. Use these to meet clear mission and achievement goals, or to complete mission challenges!

    Very Hard - Very Hard will consist of multiple Missions, undertaken one after the next, without resetting the timer, EX Skill cooldown, Armor, Ally Gunpla/Relief Gunpla damage, etc.

    Daily Missions - Missions that can only be undertaken on a certain day. Each day’s mission has a different type of item as a reward.*Daily Missions refresh at 5:00 AM(JST).
    Once a day, you can play any one of the Daily Missions without spending EN

    Multi-Missions - Missions you can play with other players.

    Gundam breaker mobile How to Participate wiki

    1. Choose a mission to participate in.
    2. Choose a Gunpla to sortie with.
    3. Choose “Create Room” or “Select Room”.– Create Room: Host your own room.– Select Room: Join an existing room.
    4. When you’re ready, tap “Ready to Sortie” and start the mission.
    Select “Random” to skip steps 1 through 3. You can also choose “Search Room ID”.

    ■Other– Quick Guest: Join a mission as a guest at a difficulty that suits you.– Quick Host: Create a mission at a difficulty that suits you.– Quick Match Settings: Lets you change settings for Quick Guest and Quick Host.
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