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    An asynchronous tournament held at regular intervals.Joining battles during the arena period nets you Arena Points and Arena Coins based on your results. Your letter rank and ranking order are determined by Arena Points.

    ■Participation Conditions
    Participation and sortie conditions will change depending on the tournament being held. You can participate in 1-on-1 battles up to three times a day, and in 3-on-3 battles up to once per day (rematches possible).
    You can receive a daily reward for your rank (league) as well as a final placement reward. You can check the rewards on the Details screen when choosing a battle (on the upper-right side of the banner). Arena Coins can be exchanged for rewards at the Arena Coin Exchange in the Shop. They can also be carried over even when the Arena is not available.
    ■Enemy GunplasYour opponents are other players, acting asynchronously. A list of opponents is shown based on battle results up to the previous day.

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    1-on-1 - An arena where you fight solo.You can battle up to three times a day.
    ■Build Bonus1/1000000 of specific Gunpla parameters will be added to the Battle Assessment when you sortie in the Arena.3-on-3An arena where you battle with a squad of three Gunplas.You can battle once per day (rematches possible).
    ■LeaguesIn 3-on-3 arena matches, you’ll be placed in a league—a group of fighters that matches you in ability.When a tournament is over, you will remain in the same league, be promoted, or be demoted depending on your final placement.
    ■Pick-Up Operator BasesThe total evaluation points for certain operator bases featured during a tournament will be added to your Arena Points.(*It is not necessary to equip a specified operator base to your squad.)

    Gundam breaker mobile Events wiki:

    Events - Missions only available for a limited time.Mission types (single or multiplayer), sortie conditions, and rewards differ for each event. Check each event’s Details screen for more information.
    Completin’ challenges for event Achievements while they are available will grant you various rewards. Give it a try!Mission Clears and Sorties attained using Skip Tickets will be counted.
    Event Items acquired here will be kept in your Item Box. If your Item Box is full, they will be sent to your Gift Box instead. You can sell Event Items or exchange them at the Exchange in the Shop for rewards. However, they cannot be used once the event ends and the exchange period expires, so make sure to swap them for rewards while the event is still underway.

    Gundam breaker mobile Modes wiki

    Modes with special stage effects.■Advanced ModeIn exchange for limiting some of your Gunpla’s attack power, the damage of certain attacks will be greatly increased.
    ■Skill Hack ModeYour Gunpla is hacked, reducing the damage that it can deal using EX Skills.
    ■ Minovsky ModeGunpla radar sensitivity is lowered due to Minovsky particle interference, decreasing Shot Range.As attacks and EX Skills from standard weaponry have their range reduced, combatants must engage in close-quarters combat.
    ■ Overdrive ModeApplies adjustments to all Gunplas, greatly magnifying (and reducing) damage done based on attribute affinity.For example, if you sortie a Power attribute Gunpla in Overdrive Mode, the damage it does to Technique attribute Gunplas will increase, but the damage it receives from Speed attribute Gunplas will also increase.
    ■Switch ModeSwaps the parameters for Melee Attack and Melee Defense, as well as Shot Attack and Shot Defense.The higher your Gunpla’s base Attack is, the easier it will become for it to weather enemy damage, and the higher its Defense, the more damage it will deal.
    ■<Word Tag> ModeReceive a boost to all parameters when you sortie with a Gunpla with specific word tags.Word tag effects and mode effects will both be applied.
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