Gundam breaker mobile Battle Menu
  • Gundam breaker mobile Battle Menu wiki.

    Tapping the menu icon in the top-left corner during battle opens the battle menu.

    – Quit Mission: Quit the current mission.
    – Mission Name: Check the mission name.
    – Mission Challenge: Check the details of the mission challenge(s).
    – Control Settings: Change control settings.
    – Sound: Change the sound settings.
    – Close: Close the menu.

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    ■Move wiki:
    – Slide along the screen to make your Gunpla move.
    – Use the Go button to move automatically toward an enemy Gunpla. Stay in place with the Stay button.*
    – Swipe the screen to make your Gunpla step in the swiped direction. Using this too much will cause your Gunpla to overheat, so be careful.
    – Swiping quickly forward or backward uses your vernier for high-speed movement.

    *Turning Quick Shift on lets you move, step and perform high-speed movement forward with the Go button, and backward with the Stay button. You can toggle Quick Shift from the Home screen (Other→All Settings→Mission Settings) or during Gunpla battles (Control Settings).

    ■Target wiki:

    – Tap enemy Gunplas or the Target button to switch between targets.

    ▼Melee Attack
    – You perform melee attacks when close to an enemy.
    – Double-tap the screen during a melee attack for a combo finisher called a Strong Melee attack.
    – The details of these finishers differ for the weapon category equipped.

    ▼Shot Melee
    – Tap the shot button to unleash a shot attack.
    – Keep an eye on your ammo, since running out will prevent you from attacking for a set period.
    – You can also shoot during high-speed movement.

    Gundam breaker mobile Guard wiki:

    – With a shield equipped, pressing the Guard button lets you guard against attacks.
    – Powerful attacks can still break your guard.

    *Auto-guard (guard actions unlocked by Step Guard and Job Gear effects) only activates when a shield is equipped.
    *Auto-guard will activate without a shield only during a Defender’s Limit Burst.

    ■EX Skills
    – Tapping the EX Skill button activates the skill set for your Gunpla.
    – Most EX Skills have a cooldown time between uses, but skills with ammo only go into cooldown when the ammo runs out.
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