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    Occurs when the time limit runs out or your squad is destroyed. You will have the option to use a Continue if this happens during a story mission, free mission, daily mission, or in certain event missions.
    If the Gunpla you’re controlling is taken down, you will automatically switch to a different Gunpla.
    If you get a game over or quit a mission, you will not lose spent EN or items used in the mission, nor will the number of times you can attempt the mission decrease.

    You can spend 50 Haro Chips to reset the time limit and restart the mission with Armor and your other gauges completely restored. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to get your Haro Chips back once they have been spent.
    You cannot use a Continue if you do not have enough Haro Chips. Also, you will not be able to purchase Haro Chips during a mission, so make sure to check that you have sufficient Haro Chips before taking on a tough opponent.

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    After you clear all of a mission’s challenges, you will then be able to use Skip Tickets for that mission. When you sortie or rematch, you can use a Skip Ticket and EN to get the rewards without battling.Mission Clears and Sorties will be counted, but you won’t get Friend Points.
    ■Conditions– Clear all of a mission’s challenges.
    ■ Usable Missions– Free Missions– Daily Missions– Event Missions
    ■How to Check Amount Owned– Amount owned can be seen by going to Profile > All Points.
    ■How to Obtain– Obtainable through events and campaigns.

    Gundam breaker mobile 1/100 Scale Gunpla wiki:

    When advancing through missions, you may encounter enemies with exclamation marks next to their Gunpla name. These are 1/100-scale Gunplas which won’t flinch as easily, due to their increased size. They also use EX Skills, which can make them formidable opponents. However, causing them a certain amount of damage with shooting attacks will stun them. Give that a try if you’re having some trouble to help turn things around!
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