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  • Gundam breaker mobile Upgrade wiki.

    You can upgrade a part and raise its level by consuming other parts or items. In addition to parts and items, Capital is needed to upgrade parts. The more materials you consume, the more Capital is required.

    To upgrade parts, select Upgrade from the shortcuts in the bottom-right side of the screen, or select the tab marked “Upgrade” from the parts list on the Home screen. You can also upgrade parts from a part’s Details screen.

    ■How to Upgrade
    1. Select the part you want to upgrade from the parts list.
    2. Select the parts or items you want to consume at the bottom of the screen. Material types can be toggled into tabs. The materials selected here will disappear, so be careful which parts you choose.
    3. Use the necessary Capital to complete the upgrade.

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    ■Upgrading EX Skills and Part Traits wiki
    Fulfilling the following conditions and selecting Parts as materials lets you level up EX Skills and Part Traits by 1,000 EXP.

    – Use the same types of parts (e.g., Head and Head, Arms and Arms, etc.)
    – Same Gunpla names
    – Same attributes

    There are also special items needed to raise EX Skills levels. When using these as upgrade materials, press and hold the item icon to check its purpose.

    ■Great Success
    When upgrading parts, a “Great Success” may occur in place of a Success.
    A Great Success increases normal EXP gained from upgrading to 150%.
    (Does not affect EXP gained from Part Traits and EX Skills.)

    Gundam breaker mobile Sell wiki:

    You can sell unwanted parts or items.
    Note: Remember that you can’t sell items that are currently equipped.

    You can sell items from the “Sell” tab on the Upgrade screen, or tap the Sell button on a part’s Details screen.

    ■How to Sell
    ▼From the Upgrade Screen
    1. Select the parts or items to sell. You can switch between tabs of different material types. You can sell up to 100 at a time.
    2. After making your choice, tap the Sell button.
    3. You can check the Capital or Platinum Coins you can get from the Sell List, then tap Sell. All done!

    ▼From the Parts Details Screen
    1. Tap and hold a part to bring up its Details screen.
    2. Press the Sell button on this screen. All done!

    ■Platinum Coins
    An item obtainable by selling parts of 2★ rarity or higher.
    Parts of different rarities offer fixed amounts of coins, meaning you will receive 1 Platinum Coin for selling a 2★ part, 3 coins for a 3★, 15 coins for a 4★, and 50 coins for a 5★.

    A material obtainable by selling parts.
    The amount of scrap you receive depends on the part sold.
    Scrap is consumed when Gear is crafted with Blueprints.

    A message will display when you include parts or items of rarity 3 or higher. Any parts or items you sell are gone forever, so be careful when selling.

    Gundam breaker mobile Tune Up wiki

    Tune Up raises the rarity of a part and increases various abilities. Tuned parts boost parameters like Armor or Attack and also raise part levels.

    However, tuning requires special items (Awakening Circuit α, AI Awakening Circuit α, etc.). The rarer the original part, the more special items are needed.

    Go to the “Tune Up” tab on the Upgrade screen, or tap the Tune Up button on a part’s Details screen.

    ■How to Tune Up
    1. Select the part you want to tune-up.
    2. Choose what rarity to tune-up to.
    3. Confirm the required materials, necessary Capital, and parameter/level changes.
    4. Tap the Tune-Up button to complete the tuning up.

    With a 6★ tune-ups, you’ll be able to upgrade up to Lv 90.
    Maximum Mark slots for Parts will be increased by 1.
    In addition, by raising your Part Traits & EX Skill level, you can go beyond this limit,and upgrade up to Lv 99.
    For 6★ tune-ups, along with the newly added materials Awakening Circuit ε and Awakening Circuit δ,upgrade parts and Attribute Tune-Up Materials of the same attribute, and Word Tag Tune-Up Materials of the same Word Tag will be necessary.

    With a 7★ tune-up, you will be able to choose the “Different Attribute Part” word tag as a word tag edit option for your sub slot.
    *You must possess the part with a different attribute.
    *Even if a part is sold or used as an upgrade material, you can continue to use the same word tag.

    In addition, the maximum number of Mark slots for a part will increase by 1.
    We plan to continuously release parts which can be tuned up to 7★.
    See Notices for more information.
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