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    Buff content that allows you greatly enhance a Gunpla by collecting Gunpla parts with different attributes and using those parts to build a Gunpla.
    (*Attribute Links do not apply to AI pilots.)

    When you assemble parts of the same name and type that you want to enhance,
    “Link Points,” which evaluate your parts’ tune-up status for each of the three attributes, will be automatically added.
    Depending on the total number of Link Points, Gunplas equipped with parts can activate a Link Effect, which can increase total attack power or lessen damage taken, among other bonuses.

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    Link Effects apply to all parts of the same name and type with different attributes.
    Parts of different types will not receive a Link Effect even if they share the same Gunpla name.

    Ex: When a Gundam Head’s “All Attack Power 5% Increase” Link Effect is activated:
     Gunplas with Gundam Head → All Attack Power 5% Increase
     Gunplas with Gundam Legs → No Link Effect
     Gunplas with Gundam Head and Legs → All Attack Power 5% Increase

    Note that integrated parts receive double the base Link Effect.

    *If equipped as a sub part to a sub slot, the Link Effect will not activate.

    Gundam breaker mobile Link Points wiki:

    Points necessary for activating Link Effects.
    The rarity of your rarest owned part for each attribute will be added as Link Points.
    (P Attribute) Gundam 5★ Head Part → 5 pts
    (P Attribute) Gundam 4★ Head Part → 0 pts
    (T Attribute) Gundam 6★ Head Part → 6 pts
    Total Link Points: 11 pts

    Increasing the rarity of parts by tuning them up will grant even stronger Link Effects.

    *Parts lost/sold before Attribute Link implementation will not contribute Link Points.
    *If parts are lost/sold after Attribute Link is implemented, points once gained will not be lost

    Gundam breaker mobile Recycling wiki

    The Recycle system fuses three parts of the same part name and attribute, changing them into a new random part with the same name and attribute.
    You can recycle parts of any rarity.
    *You cannot recycle altered parts.

    ■How to Recycle
    1. Select 3 parts that fulfill the conditions.
    2. Remove check marks from the parts you don’t want on the parts list.
    3. Tap the Recycle button on the confirmation screen.

    *The rarity will be the lowest of the recycled materials.
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