Gundam breaker mobile AI Marks
  • Gundam breaker mobile AI Marks wiki.

    Marks that can be equipped to AI Pilots.
    Allows you to boost an AI Pilot’s parameters by equipping a Mark to a Mark slot from the AI Pilot’s Details screen, just as you would with regular Marks.
    A Mark slot will be unlocked every time an AI Pilot is tuned up to 4★ or higher.
    In addition, raising its Trait/Ex Skill level to Lv 5 or 10 will unlock a slot.
    (Ex: Tuning up a 1★ AI Pilot to 5★ will unlock a total of two Mark slots.
    Further, increasing its Trait/EX Skills to Lv 10 will unlock two more Mark slots, making for a total of four Mark slots unlocked.)

    ■Getting AI Marks
    Unlike regular Marks, AI Marks cannot be obtained from Builders Training.

    Obtainable from a special capsule by using AI Mark Capsule Tickets, which can be obtained as Arena rewards or at the Arena Coin Exchange.

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    Tuning Up Marks wiki
    The rarity of a Mark can be raised using Mark Tune-Up Materials on the Mark Equipment screen.
    Low-rarity Marks can be upgraded to higher rarities, and upgrading 5★ Marks to 6★ Marks will enable you to acquire extremely rare Marks, which are unavailable in Builders Training.

    ■Mark Tune-Up Material Acquisition
    Every time you complete Builders Training, you will receive Mark Tune-Up Material α’s.
    The higher-level Mark Tune-Up Materials necessary to Tune Up 2★-or-higher Marks
    can be created using a Blueprint by spending Mark Tune-Up Material α’s and Awakening Circuits.

    Gundam breaker mobile Growth Hangar wiki:

    A system where you can set any one part in the Growth Hangar and revisit it the next day to obtain Part EXP and Part Trait/EX Skill EXP.
    *You can still use the part as normal in builds even if it is set in a hangar.
    The following types of hangars are available:
    ・Free Hangar—Available from the start.
    ・Ticket Hangar—Available after using a Growth Hangar Ticket.
    ・Course Hangar—Available after purchasing the appropriate course from the Shop.

    ■Obtainable EXP
    With every passing day, the parts in each hangar will receive:
    ・+8,000 Part EXP
    ・+50 Part Trait/EX Skill EXP

    *Parts will not receive EXP exceeding their maximum Part Lv.
    *Obtained EXP subject to change depending on campaigns, Growth Hangar Tickets, and course contents.

    ■Obtaining EXP
    Accessing the Growth Hangar every day after 5:00 AM JST will grant EXP for the parts in your hangars.
    *Please be aware that parts will not receive cumulative EXP for days when you do not access the Growth Hangar.
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