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    Multi-Missions/Event Multi-Missions
    Clearing multi-missions/event multi-missions while part of a crew gives you CP.
    ■CP Acquisition
    The amount of CP obtained will change based on the following conditions:
    ① Clear a mission as the host (+10% CP obtained)
    ② Clear a mission with members of your crew (+50% CP obtained per person, with a max of +150% for 3 people)
    ③ Clear a mission with someone not in your crew (+10% CP obtained per person, with a max of +30% for 3 people)
    ④ Use a crew Multi ticket and clear a mission (+100% CP obtained)

    ■ How to Play with Your Crew Members
    While your room is finding a match, Call your fellow crew members.
    Upon doing so, a post will appear in your Crew Chat.

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    Daily Crew Missions tutorial:
    Crew-only missions that change daily and can only be played once a day.
    You can play these missions without spending EN.
    The attempt counter will reset and the mission will change every day at 5:00 AM JST.
    *You will not receive EXP.■Rules
    Allies cannot be brought along on Daily Crew Missions.
    Instead, you may select up to 2 of your fellow Crew members’ Expedition Gunplas as Relief Gunplas.When you sortie with crew members’ Gunplas as Relief Gunplas, the amount of obtainable CP will increase.
    You can reselect crew member Gunplas which you have already used as Relief Gunplas, but you will not receive the bonus to obtained CP.The already-used status of Relief Gunplas will be reset every Monday at 5:00 AM JST, at the same time as Crew Ranks are determined.■Crystal Tickets
    You can boost your entire team’s parameters by using a Crystal Ticket when you sortie for Daily Crew Missions.
    Up to 4 tickets can be used per sortie.
    *Tickets will not be spent if you get a game over or quit a mission.Crystal Tickets can be obtained from the Crew Shop.■Total Crew Clear Bonus
    Every Daily Crew Mission completion by a crew member will count toward the total number of crew clears.
    When the crew’s total clear count hits 150, all crew members will receive 4★ Part Exchange Ticket Fragment x5, up to once per week(reset every Monday at 5:00 AM JST).

    Gundam breaker mobile Crew Chat wiki:

    A way to communicate with crew members through stickers, preset text, or messages up to 70 characters long.
    Crew activity logs and multi-mission Call information will also be posted there

    Roles tutorial:
    Crew members can be assigned different roles.
    There are three types of roles.① Leader
    Can change crew settings, adjust the roles of crew members, dismiss members, and manage membership applications.② Subleader
    Can manage membership applications.③ Member
    No special permissions.■ Change Crew Settings
    Allows you to adjust settings for the crew.■ Adjust Member Roles
    Can appoint a subleader, transfer the role of leader, and demote players to member status.■ Dismiss Member
    Allows you to forcibly remove an inactive or troublesome member from your crew.
    Think carefully before you decide to dismiss a crew member.■ Manage membership applications
    Allows you to accept or reject any membership applications.■ Auto-transfer Leader
    If a leader stops logging in to their crew, the role of leader will automatically be transferred to another member.
    The number of days until automatic transfer can be changed in the crew settings.

    Gundam breaker mobile Dismiss wiki

    Quit Crew/Dismiss
    ■ Quit Crew
    Allows a player to leave a crew of their own volition.
    This can be done via the Crew Info screen.

    ■ Dismiss
    Leaders can forcibly remove a member from their crew.
    This can be done from Details in the Member List.

    ■ Leaving Penalty
    Players who quit or are dismissed from a crew cannot join another crew until 5:00 AM JST of the following day.
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