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    Forge Creation Pts
    When you share a Custom-Made Mission, you will receive that mission’s Base Creation Pts x 10.
    If you reshare a mission during the event period and receive a new personal best Creation Pt score, you will receive the difference in Base Creation Pts x 10.
    *Even if a reshared mission receives fewer Base Creation Pts, you will not lose Creation Pts you have already received.

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    Victory Creation pts wiki

    When you clear a Custom-Made Mission, you will receive that mission’s Base Creation Pts x 1.
    However, you will not receive Creation Pts if you lose or quit a mission.
    If you clear a Custom-Made Mission you’ve already cleared, you will receive 1/10 of that mission’s Base Creation Pts.

    When you sortie with Gunplas equipped with event boost parts, the amount of obtainable Creation Pts will increase.

    Profile faq:

    Displays the player’s profile image.
    Tapping this moves you to the Profile screen.
    Refer to the Profile section for further details on the Profile screen.

    Gundam breaker mobile Box Art wiki:

    Displays any box art you’ve obtained.
    Touch menu items to expand and view them.

    Box art is mainly obtained as a Collection reward.
    You can check box art from the cork board on the Home screen or on the Details screen for each Gunpla in the Collection.

    Collection View the Gunplas and AI pilots you’ve obtained.
    The list is displayed by series.■Gunplas
    – Rotate to view the Gunpla models.
    – Collecting all the body parts from a Gunpla lets you earn rewards like Painting Colors, Emblems, Box arts and more.*Some Emblems can be obtained from multiple Gunplas. You may not earn it if you already have a same Emblem. Also some Gunplas let you obtain several Emblems at once.■AI Pilots
    – Tap and hold the icons of AI Pilots to play their in-battle voices.

    Gundam breaker mobile wiki: A user’s profile screen.

    – ID: The User ID.
    – Icon: Shows when the user registered a Gunpla for Expeditions.
    – Title: You can set any of the titles you’ve earned here.
    – Level: The player’s level.
    – Name: The player’s name. You can change this at any time.
    – Follow Limit: The maximum number of Friends you can follow.
    – Comment: Enter any comment you want here.
    – Profile Image: A profile picture taken at the Photo Studio.
    – Collection: View the Gunplas and AI pilots you’ve obtained.
    – All Points: Check the Haro Chips and Friend Points you’ve obtained.
    – Total Data: Check player data like days logged in, completed missions, number of sorties, Collections obtained, and Arena results.
    *Only Master League results will count towards your Battle Score assessment for Arena 3-on-3.
    *Your Best Ever Arena Placement (3-on-3) from your highest league placement will be displayed.
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