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Drep raids
While the city is landed, it will attract larger groups of Drep that will attempt to destroy it. The first defensive buildings are unlocked by increasing your population. You can track the raid in the minimap and plan where to build your defenses. Some buildings cannot be moved. Rails can't move, but you can reverse their direction by dragging new rails on top of them in the opposite direction. It will only cost resources when you actually place new rails on empty tiles. As long as your city stays put, the Drep raids will get more and more aggressive. You can see the current threat level in your HUD. When you reach' extreme treat' you wan't be able to survive the drop attacks for long, and it's time to fly away and find a clamer location. To initiate take-off procedures, click the launch button in the HUD. The city take-off procedure takes some time while the engines warm up, so don't wait too long or you'll become drep food. Select your next landing spot carefully. Your choice will affect the strength of the enemies, which resources will be on the map, and how many.

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Your steambot's health is running low. Health slowly regenerates in the city, and you can assign and use repair kits through the quickbar. If you take too much damage an emergency teleport will be activated, returning you to the city, but you will lose precious time and resources. Try to keep your steambot intact. Research - this screen allows you to plan and set your research. Each subject has a cost in knowledge points, and elements that are unlocked by completing this research. Hover your mouse over the unlocks to learn more about them. For the labs to produce knowledge, make sure you regularly supply them with the required materials, as shown in the production widget when interacting with the lab.

Most buildings can be disabled. Disabled buildings don't require any upkeep or workers, but they also don't achieve their function. Disabling buildings is a good solution for when you are running low on resources such as workers, power or flux. You can build a workshop that produces materials for upgrading your infrastructure. Infrastructure upgrades grant permanent bonuses and abilities.
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