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Cheat Guard Homeland TD hack android, ios code

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Hack Guard Homeland TD: cheat List
increase attack speed - use hack b5T7N1aKS
gold - enter pass Uftv0VUlN
silver coins (money) - eE3EhcR1j
stars - kEcf3YsWm
action points - bilnmTziG
quick finish research - BwV2SuWrd
Month Card x1 - qvcXN85oM
upgrade - r6XyWOaA4
daily gift bag x10 - Rdc1KNdSw
secret combination - 1loywOape
level up - piacrHnHT
survival mode - iWI1Y8ivs
unlock hero - ABLmwoTRI
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
We've been expecting you! We're in great need of help and you're the right person to help us! Hit start and i will explain! The mountain entrance to our village needs help! We're being attacked by what seems to be zombies. Hurry, select the location. Hit play to start. I'll hurry down from the top to assist you! There's already a guardian down there to show you the ropes. We need to defend the road up to the village. More of them are coming. You need to start build an extra turret.
Guard Homeland TD Hack Basics
We managed to hold back the zombies but just barely. We need to be able to make better turrets in order to fight back. Open the menu for the arrow turret. You can also go directly to the research menu if you press on the tech button. In this menu you can see all kinds of information and statistics regarding your turret.
Time to start upgrading! Press on the upgrade button for the arrow turret II upgrade. Our mechanics will do it for a good price. You got coins to start the upgrade.
Guard Homeland TD Hint & Tips
1. You gain action points by killing zombies.
2. Earthquake - shakes the earth. Stopping all who touch the ground in their tracks.
3. Sky Spirits - call in spirits form the sky to destroy the dead that still walk.
4. New slots and new turrets will be available as you progress in the game.
5. Zoom in and out to get a better overview of what's going on.
Guard Homeland TD Turrets
arrow turret - the tribes main defense against both crows and zombies. originally designed to be the perfect crow killer. Stomp turret - slows down any ground target that gets too close. Anti air - great for eliminating flying enemies. Poison - redesigned arrow turret that is able to fire a variety of deadly poisons. Sentry turret - high fire rate but low damage. Good against fast ones. Mortar turret - fires long range explosive shells. Good against groups.
Hack tools Version
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date21 October 2020
Last Modified21 October 2020
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