Cheats hack Shinsakuto marketplace code: resources, materials, blade, rare ore, rune, legendary items.

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Shinsakuto marketplace hack cheat code List

materials - use hack swjJFsIUS
blade - enter pass P3y3AP0x0
resources - 6FWlPtXqx
rare ore - LOZSr2AZR
rune - it0ulYAsy
legendary items - 54SdowmwW

Shinsakuto marketplace use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Marketplace story

We want to start forging your first sword, but first we need to go buy some supplies. So lets head toward the marketplace next. Here is where you can buy resources, swords forged by others, hire samurai and apprentices, as well as attack forges. You can always see your forge's gold in the forge info. Now that you can see how much gold you can spend, let's talk about buying resources. Below on the lefthand side you shall see a piece of steel. By tapping on that steel you will see a scroll panel. Here you will see all available items. Each item when tapped on will bring up its details where you can buy/sell/etc. I also want to bring your attention that none of these items are mended, but some might be higher quality than common.
Next, lets talk about selling swords. This next area of the marketplace is where forges show items they have sent off to sell. Perhaps you cannot quite build that sword you need for a quest? Someone else might be able to sell you a sword to fulfill that quest. Or, perhaps you are that good at creating masterpieces and choose to sell your works of art! Just know, this is where you cna buy swords if they are for sale.
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