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Samurai story

Next, let's talk about hiring samurai! You think we would let you be defenseless with all your prized treasures? Here you can see what samurais are available for hire. Overtime, you may see new names or even old names show up here. If you fire a samurai he will rejoin the marketplace.
So, when forging new works of art you may require help. Here is where you can find that willing apprentice for a small price. Apprentices, like the samurai can be fired and if so will return back to the marketplace for more work.
Your samurai get's a little stir crazy if you don't send him off on missions from time to time. He will defend your forge when attacked, so its nice to have a samurai if nothing else but to defend your forge. If your samurai wins the attack they come back with some sort of reward. If they lose the fight you will see a message about their failure. Also, it's important to note that if you lose a fight there is nothing truly lost on your side. So, no need of extra anxiety if you lose battles. It's a mystery where the samurai get their rewards from when they do win? Perhaps they are just jolly after a good victory that they just decided to buy you something nice for letting them out to 'play'? Battles can take place anywhere from 5-24 hours it seems and usually don't know the outcome until you've logged off and logged back in. You can also cancel your attack with the cancel button. Also, you only have one samurai; so you can only attack one forge at a time.
>On the far right you will see a door. These doors will be shown on most screens accept for the main forging area. They are way back from where you came from. Ultimately, you will eventually make your way back to the main forging area through these doors.
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