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Cheat Idle Summoners Legend AFK War hack android, ios code

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Hack Idle Summoners Legend AFK War: cheat List
advanced recruit - use hack bbI9FNjKb
friendship points - enter pass snHOcORpG
star monthly card - UhzIOVDtO
gems - HCGGlBsme
shards - xs4OWMy5B
VIP 15 - YVVe6s1QB
Month Card x1 - 3b2AcyCm3
upgrade - awcddinT6
daily gift bag x10 - KpgT39ILj
secret combination code - 5cDFm8aVN
level up - c9jG3ihOO
fortified serum - YlEApbJfO
grail - 0u5ydbL8C
gold - Sy3bSYCLl
Idle Summoners Legend AFK War How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
The eternal Protoss conspired to integrate all parallel universes, causing the planets in each parallel universe to collide. Heroes work together to minimize collision damage and prevent planet destruction. But the heroes of the parallel universe have different beliefs and are divided into 5 camps. Since then, the smoke has started again. Contest of Faith territorial dispute the battle of rough stones...
Here you are, Explorer! I am the lieutenant responsible for your reception. You have arrived just in time. Our base is under attack, we need you to command the battle.
Idle Summoners Legend AFK War Hack Basics
Some heroes arrived earlier than us,send our heroes to help them. We fight off the enemy at last and got some supplies. Tap claim button to receive the supplies. The hero will continue to explore battlefield. You can receive supplies in a while, come and look oftenly! Now let's use these supplies to upgrade our hero, make them stronger. Press upgrade button to increase level of heroes, and their other attributes. We just got a new equipment, come and equip it. Tap the icon to select a weapon. Our hero become stronger now, we must defeat the last enemy on frontline.
Idle Summoners Legend AFK War Hint & Tips
1. More and more heroes join us after battle, we can merge their power in soul tree, help them break the limit of level and get more powerful skills. Choose the hero to awake, he will merge other heroes' power and become stronger.
2. Hero tavern is opening, we can recruit more heroes there. There are many powerful characters in advanced recruit. Every 48 hours, you can get a free chance, remember to have a look oftenly.
3. Monthly privileges are only valid for this month's event, and you can receive all completed rewards on the last day of activation.
4. Share your promotional code with your friends and invite them to enter the ened of the battlefield together. When your invited friends upgrade, you will get extra rewards.
Idle Summoners Legend AFK War Hack tools Version
Idle Summoners Legend AFK War Redeem gift code
1. JkL5ihMEsfumc2J
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date24 October 2020
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