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You can buy a variety of goods to assist you in the game. Cash - items that need to be purchased in cash. F.Gems - gained from the game mostly. P. Gems - need to be purchased in cash. Topazes - obtained from purchasing P. Gems. They can be used to purchase special items. Holy tree kindling can improve the stats of the player. STR - affects AD and crit rate synergy. AP - AP and critical damage. STM - HP synergy. MIND - resolve and hit rate synergy. SPD - action synergy. AGI - dodge and block synergy. You can send gifts to friends. The gifts you receive can not be given to other players. Sending gifts cna increase the friendship levels. Higher friendship leveles will increase the abilities in battle.

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Each class has 8 skills to learn. In addition to the normal attack, they can only carry 3 skills. The higher the skill level is, the more effective it will be and there may be new abilities. The items required for upgrading are knight's secrets. Debuff description - stun: you can't move, dodge, or block. The damage you receive will be increased by 10%. Petrification - you can't move, dodge or block. The AD damage you receive will be reduce by 90% while AP damage you receive is increased by 30% with a 10% chance of death when attacked. Slumber - you can't move, dodge, or block. The damage you receive is increased by 30%. Each turn, your HP will be restored by 1%.

Collecting torn pages all kinds of knowledge can advance the level of knowledge. The abilities provides by knowledge is permanent. Ranking - it lists the most powerful players in the world of Camelot. Heroes is updated daily at 6:00 a.m. Bisnis leaderboard is updated daily 7:00 a.m. The ranking rewards of event dungeon and guild event dungeon will be settled and sent at the end of the cycle. Championship - on the monday the season starts, 20 players with the highest PvP Points from the previous week will be chosen from each server to enter the tournament and seeded according to their points.
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