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Legends of Gems How & Where enter cheats
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Game story
Wake up. We still have quite a long travel ahead of us. It has been years since i've traveled to the Druid Kingdom. The roads have changed beyond belief. I hope we're not getting lost. Don't worry too much, i am sure your father has made safe arrangements for your mother and sister. We still need to get to the Druid Castle to ensure your safety. Then, i'll tell you more about the events of that night.
Hack Basics
Welcome to your first battle. Let's fight off monsters. Okay, first, let's add some heroes onto your team's set-up. Click on Gandaar - is strong, he should be on your team's front line. Any character on the front line will receive +20% HP and +20% DEF. Now, let's select Leif- he's also a tank. Place him on the front line.
Before we begin, ;et's learn how to control the elements. Characters deal additional damage to characters of weaker elemental forces. First of all, each element is strong agains one but weak against another! Pay attention to this when you battle.
Legends of Gems Hint & Tips
1. Every battle is turn based. Each turn have 45 seconds to plan your strategy before you have to make your move using the elemental gems. However, in this first battle, the timer will stop for you to get comfortable.
2.Currently, all of your heroes are of ice element. Therefore, let's match as many ice elemental gems as we can.
3. Combo-3, watch your heroes activate their minor abilities. Activating minor abilities will also give your heroes 25 mana.
4. Let's retaliate with a stronger combo! Obtaining a combo-5 will activate your heroes' major abilities.
5. On top of that, it will also produce a special "destroyer” piece on the puzzle board. These special puzzle pieces will automatically activate when they appear.
Notice that when your heroes' mana bars are full, their characters are lit up. You can click on your heroes when they are fully charged to activate their ultimate abilities.
Notice that you got all 3 stars for this campaign stage! Click on the "information" button to learn the conditions you must satisfy to claim the reward for each star level.
World map - this screen is where all of your adventures will begin. Conveniently, on the bottom are icons which allow you to upgrade your team before starting your battles.
Before you start equipping gears on your heroes, notice that each hero will have certain gear requirements that they can equip. For your convenience, only the equipments that fit a hero's requirements will be displayed to you in the equipment screen. You can equip gears one a time or use the "auto-equip" button.
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