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Hack Monster Quest: cheat List
star coins - use hack z7FGweeya
Nether set - enter pass XbmrvcHSw
Nether gem - zy2ABcEIC
comet shard - 4bM4NBjfE
gold - bImKzd7sy
caviar feast - G8OBU7cq1
Month Card x1 - RRO0C9HB9
upgrade - jRDDgL7TJ
daily gift bag x10 - MQoIzgynP
secret combination - OVGPeALvu
level up - uX7Uf5bqh
SUper XP - 4W7ibutF5
talent essence - NZgupFsFX
refil stamina code - 7qkVKmKm0
costume - Xmm4FSEnu
daily points - 5tcNyoM7a
unlock Yabi - KWaqoHznq
activate sapphire privilege cheat - S2zpqjNvh
happy beverage - 8GfjC0mrw
coupons - c5B6NSJN5
complete the quest immediately - xEQa4umbs
advanced Yabi ball - ZTvcPUUD8
Sp. power ability - P0l2leJxf
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Dear Auroran, Brand new monster RPG mobile game roll out today, the highly anticipated monster quest: seven sins will launch in many countries around the world on october 2020. This is a free to play game for both android and ios devices; a feature rich game brimming with content, and for the first time includes brings together experiences from both monster captured and online adventure.

The Emperor's Tome shards contain great power. We must find them before the Dusters. You already got the first shard from Sin of Wrath Essar. If you want to collect all the shards, you'll have to find the 6 remaining seven deadly sins members.
Monster Quest Hack Basics
At first, i'll give you a chance to rebuild your body and soul. Find your own way to start a new life. Then chose a partner with your trip. You will improve your relationship with Yabi in battle. Some Yabi types are strong against others. Keep using skills that are strong against the enemy's type to deal more damage. Ultimate skill energy is maxed out, use it to finish off your enemies.
You found a forest. Dispatch your Yabi search here and get ingredients. Dispatch cna get tons of reward. According to the number of completed additional conditions, receive the extra reward.
Hint & Tips
1. When your Yabi is strong against the opponent, it skill power will greatly increase.
2. Talent challenge is a crucial way to get talent materials.
3. Fight with special monsters in the scene to get lots of XP.
4. Pass the evolution challenges to unlock your Yabis powerful abilities.
5. Tap the Plus sign to upgrade unit using Xp fruit. Use talent essence, improve pets talent. Use 5 talent essences to upgrade talent to very common and unlock your ultimate skill.
6. In Aurora planet, many Yabis can be captured. When the capture button appears, Yabi can be captured if conditions are met. When the ball hits, there’s a chance for a successful capture. Lot of hidden secrets about Yabis are waiting for you to discover.
7. Go to inventory and improve Gene! Tap activate to enable a new stat bonus. Consume food and coins can improve the gene gradually.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date16 October 2020
Last Modified16 October 2020
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