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Game story
From the biggest demon kings, to the smallest mountain sprites, all simply wish to live life their way. In this world of uncertainty does a paradise for all youkai even exist? This is the world of the Demon parade. Youkai gather here to enjoy a different kind of life. Be spirited away, walk among the youkai. And record their tales in the mystic scroll. As a visitor to this world you too shall appear in the scroll. What will your story be?
Onmyoji The Card Game Hack Basics
Lower the opponent's health to 0 to win the game. Drag the Shikigami into the combat zone. When engaged, each unit deals damage to the opponent equal to their power. The Shikigame in the combat zone will return automatically at the start of each turn. Advanced cards can be played after character level up. Combat cards allow Shikigami to enter the combat zone and launch an additional attack. If unit has been defeated it needs 3 turns to recover. Defeated character cannot assault or use their cards.
Onmyoji The Card Game Hint & Tips
1. Shikigami basi abilities are triggered under certain conditions. Tap a unit to check its basic ability.
2. One unit cna assault each turn by using 1 orb.
3. Projectile: target the Shikigami in the opponent's combat zone first. If the combat zone is empty, the opponent player will be targeted instead.
4. Using the form card, immolating Quill, enables Hououka to deal even greater spell damage.
5. Cards with Fast have a blue frame. No orbs are used when fast is played for the first time in each turn.
6. Play a game of Hyakubun and forget all your worries. Collect cards and build your own Hyakubun deck to enter a world of fun card games and the interesting world on this ship.
Onmyoji The Card Game Cards
Healing Fragrance - recover 5 health for one of your wounded Shikigami or the player. Strike Evil - initiate an extra attack, and +4 during this combat. Swaying Blaze - deal 8 damage to the opponent player. Inugami - add a body mind trial to your hand when Inugami level up. Momo - when heals or revives on of your Shikigami, give it 1 ATK. Revival blossom - if Momo is not defeated, this card gains Fast. Revive all your units (can be played when Momo is defeated). Phoenix cry - deal 2 damage to the opponent player.
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