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gear box - use hack uE4N7FWg1
gems - enter pass VWYvS32Fu
auto clicker - Lak2AgYpQ
remove ad - RxNyCE5zW
game speed x10 - a3k2FT7fN
damage up (permanent duration) - lcW8Nr23z
Month Card x1 - usbDfCACu
upgrade - DbeCbibZj
daily gift bag x10 - y71J0aeqr
secret combination code - 3tEgdzisK
mileage - oLZDN2rCa
bonus booster - uHTH2yR9B
beginner’s pack - cwyCt3FNk
stone - 8wtD7SBvh
turret part box - UKSQ7x6CO
skeleton turret - 5X3I3FVXR
monthly limited pack - 0RaoqQXn5
Primitive Brothers How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
I need to eat bugs to survive. Touch any screen to attack. One is not enough! I'll get stronger (increase stats: strength, stamina, damage and health) and hunt more! Disgusting, but survival expert said protein is essential to survive. I miss my wife and children, they will be worried about me a lot, i have to go home fast.
Brothers can become stronger by wearing gears. gear cna be obtained by purchasing a box and using cheat code. Get the armor - can upgrade fashion and increase stamina with armor.
Hack Basics
A variety of content is available in the menu: quest, content, rapid battle, rank, badge, slot machine, hack tools. It may be impossible to keep fighting on your own! As a mechanical engineering graduate, i have to build a turret that automatically attacks. In the town, you cna do various activities necessary for the growth of your brothers. I think you need recovery during the battle. I need to build a house with branches to heal my health.
Primitive Brothers Hint & Tips
1. You can use lightning attacks in boss battles. Lightning attacks cna inflict random damage on monsters (monster health 5-10%).
2. You can build turrets by studying mechanical engineering. Turrets automatically attack monsters.
3. You can earn rewards by pressing the event button on the top right of the screen.
4. With the advancement of civilization, i can make higher tier gear.
5. You can build a house by studying architecture. Comfortable housing restores your brother's stamina. Let's make my home dream come true in the game.
Primitive Brothers Civilization
I will develop civilization and become stronger. A weak human - humans can use tools differently than animals. Protect your body with tools that are away. Grass - compared to other animals, humans who are inferior in their physical abilities, such as claws, teeth, leather, and strength, begin to consider tools to attack from a distance. Weed knots can be used to craft bows. Chick - when he saw himself armed with weeds, he thought he was not beautiful. Brother wanted to be cute and started making clothes out of chicks.

Primitive Brothers Hack tools Version

Primitive Brothers Redeem gift code
1. rbTxRZe75ja5qKk
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5. QWomPTdEnXw4GZz
Released BySolarios
CategoryCheats codes
Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date28 October 2020
Last Modified28 October 2020
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