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All ships have their own specific. The combo skill consists of at least three types of weapon orbs, which charge a fixed amount of energy in the ship when in use. The orbs at the top of the screen in the combo skill formula will darken after being used. If you have used all of the weapon orbs that correspond to a particular combo skill, you can immediately invoke a powerful weapon specific to each ship. After activation, the ship's combo skill is switched into charging mode, and you can equip the combined weapon orbs once more and reuse them. Let's complete the weapon orb combination of the Smite ship combo skill to see how powerful ti can be.

Huge ships occupying large numbers of grid spaces have the advantage that they are generally more destructive and can harm a wider range of enemies. However, the disadvantage is that they can be hit on multiple grid spaces at the same time, which can cause more damage, so you should be careful when deploying larger ships. Dreadnought class ships can also be dealt with without much damage if we use a combo skill that can attack a large number of grid spaces simultaneously.

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As i told you during the battle preparation phase, combo skills are important when attacking dreadnought class ships. To activate a combo skill, we need to use weapon orbs for the (combo skill) formula, but what should we do if we don't have them? There is a way to deal with such a situation. If you look at the bottom (of the screen), you can see that you have adjacent identical weapon orbs. If you select one of the weapon orbs and drag it in the direction of the same kind of weapon orb, two of the same kind can be combined and transformed into a new type of weapon orb. However, this may result in the same kind of weapon orb, so you have to think carefully before making your decision. If you don't have the weapon orbs you need but you have identical adjacent weapon orbs, don't forget to use. While the development of ships is important to deal with many enemies, it is also important to obtain and deploy more ships. Let's try to build a new ship.

As you can see, if you hae all the materials and building costs you need to build ships, you can start building. Once the building starts, you have to wait until it's finished, or you can also pay diamonds to complete it quickly. Having a variety of ships can help you attack your opponent's ships, so you should focus your efforts on securing the designs of new ships and build them. It is recommended to place the sun ride ship at the front of the battlefield as it can charge impact energy when taking damage, and can do a lot of damage when fully charged. If you consider the deployment of the enemy ships, you can draw advantages during attacks. You can also take advantage of combo skills with efficient selections considering the circumstance.
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