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How to REACH 20K POWER SUPERFAST: use marathon - open duel chests to earn currencies and a random item upgrade! Always go for the legendary card in the monthly marathon. Buy useless powerful rare items they will help you out. Buy powerful rare items, refresh the store, then check event item prices. Menace of the swamps - from 7 to 42 points for winning a grand event fight. Earn all points to proceed to the next stage of the marathon.

7 WAYS TO INCREASE STABILITY: before diving into tips, i just want to brief what is stability and how much these points affect gameplay. How necessary these points are. Ok what is stability? It's a new parameter or power influencer that was introduced in CH 7.2 after shadow boss fight (btw boss loot is really bad) in June's transformation plane. You get the stability points when you completely collect the set. Stability - summary stability of all sets you obtained. Keep collecting full sets to increase this parameter.
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Stability - this parameter decides how hard your fight will be along with regular equipment power scale from easy to impossible. Its pretty nice idea but it would have been better if introduced in before like may be Ch 4 with some other name instead of at this time when story is ending to get used to it but still cool with storyline.

How much does this actually affect gameplay? When you have required amount of stability, you don't need incredible power scale to defeat anyone. Like for example, when i'm still grinding for possesses emperor, out of curiosity i have seen a recommended video.
You need to Grind a lot spend a lot of coins, shadow energy or gems to cover that power Gap but instead just collect stability points easy. Shadow fight 3 hack cheat code

Tips: That's how much it effects the gameplay so lets get into how we get those sweet stability points and complete story mode without much trouble to spend a lot of power up before reaching final level.
1. Freebies! Just watch a video for bonus card. You can even get yourself legendary card sometimes.
2. Free rare booster packs every other day.
3. Collect keys by completing quests and open chests. Just incase if you think only i get is rare chests more. Easy way to collect stability points & i got legendary ripping kit from rare booster pack and upgraded to 8k from rare quest chest.
4. Duel chest - these chests vary from rare to legendary chests. SO complete those required duels tasks and earn the loot for stability points.
5. Marathons! Event marathons & monthly marathons - tons of loot. You get keys. shadow energy, booster packs even event ticket for grand event mode which greatly increase chances of loot if you complete marathins tier levels.
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