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Game menu: Samurai story
Samurai story

here you have two options. The first is the most obvious in that you will start forging a new sword. The second is where you can mend Tamahagone of you wish. Later on we will cover mending other items. A mended item will always show a little hammer by it in the list. While the normal items do not have the hammer by them and can be purchased from the market. Mended items cannot be purchased through the marketplace. These a uniquely made by you! Now, you can send them to friends via mail or use them. You can keep mending items that have already been mended! Be careful, as you mend the same item it does increase its chances of being destroyed. However, as you progress with luck and proficiency the odds get better. When you tap on the sword rack you will see the list of all incomplete swords as well as the option to start forging new! It's quite common to put your work away and come back to it at a later date. When you chose to forge a new sword another window will pop up that looks like the one here to the left. You will see all tamahagone options that you can use along with input boxes that allow you to mix and match amounts of each if you like. Also, if you tap on each item in the list you will see some more extra details on the Tamahagone. This can be helpful when planning that master level sword down the road when you get more experienced.
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