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Game story
Fight for the national champion ship! Slamdunk is a real time 3v3 basketball game, which the whole production is authorized by Toei Animation and distributed by DeNA. The game is adapted from the Japanese Anime of the same name - “Slam Dunk” - original work of Takehiko Inoue. The player can take the role of the original characters, learn skills, see the classic story of the orginal animation, and experience the strength of each high school basketball team.
A solid foundation is very important. I cna give you some hints on the fundamental is of basketball. I’m waiting ofr you at the court, hurry up.
SLAM DUNK Hack Basics
Use joystick to move and pick up the ball on the ground. When you have the ball, press shoot to throw the ball at the basket. Keep in mind that Tapping shoot only results in a fake shot. Guard zone is the fan-shaped area in front of the player. When you are in the rival's guard zone, you can tap block ability to guard. The failed shot becomes a rebournd. In this circumstance, block ability turns into rebound. Finding the fall point and jumping timing is key to rebounding. remember, controlling rebounds means controlling the game.
SLAM DUNK Hint & Tips
1. Holding the ball for more than 4 seconds greatly increases the chance of the ball being stolen, so try passing more often.
2. Sports drinks are essential for training players. It will make the players stronger.
3. Advanced season pass obtain a large number of premium exclusive advanced rewards.
4. During the event period, complete selected assignments to obtain various.
5. For half court matches, when the ball switches hands, you need to step out of the 3-point line before attacking again. Remember it.
6. Tap crossover and shoot ability to see the effective area. Enter the area and tap crossover and shoot again to use the ability.
7. You can begin the match when all the players are ready. Please clear the ball beyond the 3-point line and then begin your possession. Defensive possession: enter your rival 'cylinder' to defend him effectively. The chance of making the shot will be higher when you are open.
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