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Cheat Solitaire Dreamland Adventure hack android, ios code

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Hack Solitaire Dreamland Adventure: cheat List
gold - use hack 2cV5P9Nva
mana - enter pass nNo2mJVV6
full version - v5scr1Ygh
all boosters - fkhNIm3pM
hard level - FACfTm2Wv
premium deck - Ftr71M7PR
Month Card x1 - ibbf04PjH
upgrade - TlxwRunyj
daily gift bag x10 - NeMd3VmPr
secret combination - PskQd3YCu
level up - oemGW9YdI
new stage - OKh2616c4
credits - zXosMr2tQ
customization - PqBGuG4iH
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
The level map - it will track your progress through the game. After i left my home to visit a friend in the nearby magical forest, something terrible happened to my village. Same mystical fog has blanketed my estate. It destroys the beauty of everything it covers. I need to find a way to get rid of it. In the meantime, i'll restore the fairies' houses.
Solitaire Dreamland Adventure Hack Basics
The main goal of each level is to collect all of the mana contained within the magic cards. A purple glow surrounds these cards. A gold glow surrounds cards that contain gold coins. You'll need coins to buy bonuses. You can remove a card one value above or below the card displayed at the bottom of the screen. FOr example, if the card is an ace, you can remove a deuce, and visa versa. A jack is displayed at the bottom of the screen. THis will allow you to remove a ten or queen of any suit. You can't remove any more cards, so tap on the top card in the deck to turn it over.
Hint & Tips
1. You'll need mana for upgrades. Bottom menu - the amount of mana you collect while completing the levels is displayed here. Use the mana you have collected to restore village.
2. If you make a mistake, tap on unto button. You can undo only one move per level, although a bonus will allow you to increase this number.
3. Keep removing cards to acquire as much mana and as many coins as possible.
4. Use chain lightning to strike a random upturned card. THis is very useful! Collect clubs to fill the chain lightning meter. Once it's full, you cna use the bonus again.
5. Wild card - remove the card that's on top of it to collect it.
6. You can't collect blocked cards until you break the planks. To break the planks, collect the axe.
Booster cheat code
1. Bn4XRlORY - receive extra cards at the beginning of each level.
2. WnjXOjQ01 - number of wild cards allowed.
3. ngmwE2DId - higher combo multiplier.
4. VqOB64Wgu - flips random cards at the beginning of each level.
5. cqvzdW7Jq - a fireball hits the selected card.
6. lGmGVZkhK - magically shuffle the cards on the screen.
7. g1uxxhqhO - receive extra undos per level.
8. 8zdDZdtfA - number of joker allowed.
9. OEx0b2MX9 - generate bonuses faster.
10. EBSJ5EhYn - reduces the cost of wild card.
11. DF6iVfsHe - chain lightning strikes random cards.
Hack tools Version
Solitaire Dreamland Adventure Redeem gift code
1. zPblD9GHdu9n31L
2. 8fLPUeUlj98rcMD
3. iryFFUKjEaE1QmX
4. s0uj13J32R1Nms9
5. uehQxEGZFw2bbLv
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date20 October 2020
Last Modified20 October 2020
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