Cheats hack Space Commander code:credits, ship parts, skill points, refuel, repair, reload, customization Space Commander War and Trade Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Space Commander War and Trade hack android, ios code

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Hack Space Commander War and Trade: cheat List
credits - use hack O8xTiGUcn
skill points - enter pass WkIbLVCOF
increase reputation - vGDUL1Wfk
resources: oxygen, nutrients, fuel - BwLeV66mc
refuel, repair, reload all - SJ6eIQavw
premium ship - YvTKDxj5A
Month Card x1 - beuwCBbiO
upgrade - qFAOnLf4i
daily gift bag x10 - qK2RKpAVG
secret combination - riReS96VW
level up - PL1q1qlLC
auto aim - tFRMb8T5Q
ship parts - gKVf61Sri
Remove Advertisements - ZXNcKtfhR
Advanced Customization - JyeqVrrhP
Automatic Docking - BSDL8fVuW
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
At the beginning of the XXII century, nearby the entire solar system has been colonized. Two major conglomerates - Concordia and ThetaCorp are dealing the cards in the universe's economy. Expansion turned the solar system into a wild west. Mercenaries from DeltaMerc manage to keep all of humanity's efforts from falling. Delta's new recruit will witness events that will change mankind forever.
Space Commander War and Trade Hack Basics
Drag your finger on screen to turn the ship. Target enemy ship. When ship is close and in front of you, press and holf the AIM lock button. Press and hold targeting button to aim at an enemy. Shoot down an enemy. Energetic weapons are most efficient on distances below 200m.
Feel free to explore the facility, make ship repairs of necessary. You may visit each ship in the hangar and refuel it individually to optimize costs. To upgrade your ship you should fly to a big station with a working shipyard.
Hint & Tips
1. The longer your flight, the greater the risk of being interrepted by pirates.
2. Go to the cargo shop, purchase some goods that have a "good price to buy" label. Then head to the map, and search for the station that has a high demand for this product - sell it there for a profit.
3. Parabellum's shipyard has the mechanics in this whole sector. Head to the hangar and upgrade your ship. I suggest you mount additional weapons like rockets or an Ion cannon on your Cobra's hardpoint.
Skills and reputation
Mechanic - Increases engineering knowledge resulting in cheaper ship repairs. Critical strike - chance to deal finishing blow when enemy HP is below 50%. Energetic weapons damage - increases damage dealt of all energetic weapons (plasma, laser, ion). Quartermaster - knowledge about ammo supplies reducing ammunition purchase prices.
Ship types
Interceptor - fastest, most maneuverable ship for intercepting enemy vessels. Armed with energetic weapons only. Light armour and shield.
Fighter - multi purpose ship for fight and escort. Usually armed with energetic weapons, machine guns and rocket pods. Good maneuverability. Medium armour and shields.
Heavy fighter - ship designed for destruction of fighters and interceptors. Armed with guided missiles.
Bomber - this craft class is designed for capital ship assaults. Armed with torpedoes that make heavy damage to slow moving - big targets.
Gunboat - medium size craft used for differentiated attacks. Armed with 50mm guns, guided missiles and automatic plasma cannon turrets. Can shoot in all directions.
Light transporter - trasport ship with cargo capacity 4-8 metric tons. Protected by automatic plasma turrets can be used in dangerous conditions.
Hack tools Version
Space Commander War and Trade Redeem gift code
1. AVqpEd1ztfBGGHQ
2. W4GXtZkkN4k71FT
3. Zs9HVwVZ63mHutn
5. qvLa9MlmSi4z3LC
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date19 October 2020
Last Modified19 October 2020
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