Cheats hack STRIKERS 1945 Collection code:ruby, gold key, summon stone, hero SR, stone, auto play, package STRIKERS 1945 Collection Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat STRIKERS 1945 Collection hack android, ios code

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Hack STRIKERS 1945 Collection: cheat List
ruby - use hack VS5aQzaSb
gold key - enter pass EBNpe5ET4
summon stone - SGbbrGWy5
summon hero SR x10 - PaRuf75Fc
upgrade stone - 0SKe1RVef
starter’s package - hQBFuD2CP
Month Card x1 - Vh52EVcbn
upgrade - Ye1fTXZFu
daily gift bag x10 - PU3DWitCl
secret combination - rcEtIfxhP
level up - ok2WUmwQ5
auto play - ougxFNoog
game speed x10 - ulq1gxZN2
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Game Story
This is the gunbird Dimension. The lord of the underworld has started to destroy the dimensional walls. He is conspiring to unite the dimensions and become the sole ruler of both worlds. You need to get acquainted with this dimension. So learn the place by following the quests. But you will not be able to defeat the lord of the underworld by yourself. You need more heroes to help you. Summon new heroes and form a party.
STRIKERS 1945 Collection Hack Basics
Now we need to use the summon stone and summon a hero. But the shock from the crack in the dimensional wall has broken the summon stone into pieces. You can collect summon stone fragments and merge it into a full summon stone, and use it to summon a hero. You can get magical crystal called the gem when you return to base. That gem can be used to purify magical field and get new power.
I'll teach you how to use the magical elixir (the liquid bottle that the Boss monster just dropped) and learn passive skill. It's a very valuable item that you can only get 1 from each boss monster. So you need to use it wisely.
Hint & Tips
1. First clear reward - you can receive it only when you clear the stage for the first time. You can get 50% bonus reward by using rubies, 100% - by using cheats codes.
2. New concept idle shooting game. Gunbird, 1945, samurai ace, dragon blaze series assemble. Various contents like dungeon, infinite tower, arena and synthesis. Endless growth system with magic square, skill and characteristic. Synthesis system with various combination!
3. There are a total of 50 units who have their unique and fancy skills for a player to use. Players can keep leveling up while enjoying the game even if they have a busy day. They only need to make their character more powerful. They can make their character more powerful by giving them higher grades, using magic squares, and a lot more.
4. Get free STRIKERS 1945-3 200 Ruby Purchase, 550 Ruby Purchase, ... Supershot button touch: Fire supershot using gauge collected on top of the screen.
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STRIKERS 1945 Collection Redeem gift code
1. 4G3YtE1kvL6Y6j3
2. dYxgtrbPJqutz12
3. Y5ZGSAHmuom19TL
4. agevXZAH0rOnPZ1
5. ute0JKzhQuPhnrP
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date17 October 2020
Last Modified17 October 2020
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