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Tank destruction challenge - the aim of the challenge is to destroy all the objects marked with a red arrow. In this challenge the objects are all explosive barrels. Destroy the barrels with the tank by aiming and launching explosive projectiles from the tank turret. Try to destroy all the barrels before the timer runs out. Destroy all 18 to win the gold medal.

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Use the left joystick to control the torque sent to the tank wheels. Drag the controller right to go faster, and left to go in reverse. Up and down on the right controller is used to control the pitch of the tank, similar to the monster truck. Left and right control the tank turret. Drag left to aim the turret higher and drag right to aim the turret lower. Press the yellow button to launch the explosive shell form the turret. Pay attention to where the turret is aiming and try not to take too much damage from your own projectile or nearby explosions. When selecting the tank or any other controllable object, the camera will automatically snap to the object and will follow it as it moves across the landscape. if you lose focus on the tank and want to quickly snap the camera back into place, tap the selected vehicle icon.
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