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Cheat Tsum Tsum Stadium hack android, ios code

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Hack Tsum Tsum Stadium: cheat List
gacha - use hack VqsqdZ8oc
gold - enter pass kVKEpP9vb
ruby pack - qHdLiAYpi
hearts - poTcHgo7z
5>4 boost - ayM9urg5y
skill boost - 1jQ9WcHRs
Month Card x1 - jdt8DXF68
upgrade - f9Q5W6gBm
daily gift bag x10 - 1RoX0MQM1
secret combination code - 8hktZDKd8
level up - 94rRsRcsu
bubble - jilHiiJsc
+ exp - tWYTZqrYZ
unlock all faces - kpsaVQLOi
auto connect - oQll5CLih
Tsum Tsum Stadium How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
looks like you're ready! I'll teach you how to play. Try connecting 3 or more units to clear them. Connect more to score more. Clear a chain of 7 or more tsums, and you'll get a magical bubble! Tap it to clear all nearby units. Connect long chains and clear them to fill the skill gauge in the bottom left corner of the screen. Clear mytsums to fill up the skill gauges! Tap when they're yellow. You can use 2 Tsums in battles! So use your second unit's skill too! Ducky reduces characters to only 2 types for a short time! Connect the units that changed quickly!
Tsum Tsum Stadium Hack Basics
Battle against 50 players and survive to the end! You can see your rank at the top of the screen. When the score difference opens against the No.1 player, red zone (game over zone) will appear. Score enough points within 10 seconds, or you'll be game over. You have 90 seconds! Survive to win and aim to be no.1. Clear each round's mission, survive and win 3 round, rewards: the fire spirit, awesome items.
Tsum Tsum Stadium Hint & Tips
1. Tap your face to go to the face collection screen.
2. Tap the events button to see the currently running events.
3. Login bonus - rewards will be delivered to your mail box. Tap the calendar button on the friends ranking. List screen check the login bonus card.
4. Games will play differently depending on your pair. So let's see how things work with Joy and Bunny Tsums. With Joy's skills, the other Bunny skill is charged! As you can see, finding good combinations will change your game play!
5. 5>4 items reduce the type of Tsums that drops onto the field down to 4.
6. +boost items make the skill gauge charge faster than ususal.
7. + magical bubbles items make it easier to create magical bubbles.
8. +EXP items increase how much EXP you get after a game.
9. Purchase all items and you'll able to use 4 items as much as you like for a certain period of time.
Tsum Tsum Stadium Hack tools Version
Tsum Tsum Stadium Redeem gift code
2. VjAJcdLtoaV9Htc
3. LDojKbjvNulSP9e
4. EP03TSy6VckiQ6b
5. GZiLLLOMT9Svbxh
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date22 October 2020
Last Modified22 October 2020
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