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food - use hack aRK5UNSDq
beer - enter pass ydx5BBWCw
coins - jmFst7PEk
speed up - 8BiZrVeGA
improve building capacity - ckWWT7R3g
resources - DUTqUGEGM
Month Card x1 - eUYg1D3bK
upgrade - OUDeMyIcs
daily gift bag x10 - daXv0LhGn
secret combination code - KMtcTCFqk
unlock land - i49Fd3Fvk
bonus booster - 4f6NaB06H
beginner’s pack - u3llFpYYm
monthly limited pack - MJEufi0cZ
Ultras City How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
We are going to build the most prestigious ultra city and be the most respected player in the community. It's time to collect and store the first resources! These resources are necessary for the growth of our city. We are going to click on the buildings that have finished their production. We will recognize these buildings as containing a drop with the resource produced. Now we will do the same with the buildings that produce food and beer. We chose the apartment building and click on build.
Hack Basics
We can accelerate the construction. The apartments also provide us coins. Click on the apartment to know all your information and level up. The new building gives us more population and more coins per minute. The restaurant provides us food. Decorative provide us random resources. In the building of the headquarters is where the resources are stored. We will increase the level of the headquarters to get more storage capacity.
Ultras City Hint & Tips
1. Boosters will help you accelerate the construction of buildings.
2. Objects - here you can see the resources that we obtain in different prizes.
3. Improve your stadium to enable new plots and buildings.
4. Enter your parking and complete the daily missions to get the most outstanding prizes. The best tactical cards are waiting for you to show in battle who is the player who dominates the ultra world!

Ultras City Hack tools Version

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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date28 October 2020
Last Modified28 October 2020
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