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Hack Zone4M: cheat List
Joker morph chip - use hack nL5XphJTO
Gray ranger morph chip - enter pass xWkbUCfiH
draw 11 times (morph & fairy) - p4Buu62Rw
diamonds - o4yiaflap
level 4 package - BmyFnE9PM
character slot expansion - dtyWAmtSv
Month Card x1 - U3ZGamqGW
upgrade - XfRgQZSCN
daily gift bag x10 - fhBW7f502
secret combination code - sKJklE8qd
loop fragment of nucleus power - m0D6TBOl6
draw enhance chip - lraL36eEl
gears - HY7T5wZZP
money - m3UJOkRCt
stat balance 100 - lc392BiPF
crafting material - BtOjvMtNT
Zone4M How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
Now you're an official member of the Saint association, i should give you a communications equipment. Communication equipment - also can teleport to another place. Only through the coordinates should be stored. All coordinates of the SK-06 continental are stored. The coordinates of Brawny village on Pandora island are also stored too. It can immediately send the items acquired during the mission. SO you don't have to come or go by yourself.
Before you go, i'll explain quickslot to you for a smooth battle. If you register consumable items in quickslot, it can keep you safe more easily. Try registering HP recovery potion in the quickslot. Holding on the item that registered in the quickslot and it will auto be used.
Zone4M Hack Basics
If you have specified a target, you can ATK by pressing the ATK button. Give morph - improves your body ability and allows you to infiltrate them. I'm sure it'll help you in the future. The ability of the Fairy is applied for a certain period. Register your skill with quickslot, and kill the boss monster and you can get a variety of items. Field boss monsters only appear at certain times. Able to get the experience and items to level up in special dungeon. Special dungeons are dungeons with limited time.
Zone4M Hint & Tips
1. Able to earn rewards if you finish a variety of achievements.
2. You can purchase or sell items through the trade shop.
3. The ability of the Morph is applied for a certain period.
4. Search is useful which easy to find and target monsters around you. Able to target players, boss monsters, and more.
5. Top rankers can get ranking benefits. Try to be the top ranker.
Floria's blessing increases the add experience and add item drop. Keeping Floria's blessing step 4 is the most efficient.
Zone4M Characters
Fighter - Wells was born with fabricated DNA, so he has a very strong body. His quaint physical abilities are specialized in near combat.
Gunner - Juni, who was in a contract killer business. He is dispassionate and speedy. he has to deal with it without showing up to the victim and specialized in range combat.
Dancer - the medication that we were administering for spinal therapy. It gave Nicky's leg a powerful force. The legs are so powerful and specialized in near combat.
Doctor - Sera's a genius and matchless. She also creates and uses skills that don't exist in the world. Every single skill is very powerful.
Zone4M Hack tools Version
Zone4M Redeem gift code
1. PbveuUOq3tNq2Pz
3. 6Nu9AAqCFrsaSdZ
4. v8VgsYnPHIhmTpN
5. GJu7wG8H74MIRyd
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date26 October 2020
Last Modified26 October 2020
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