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    Official site Trade Island cheat world: dear friend! I’ve just made a great discovery! it’s something incredible, you’ll see. I’d like to ask you to look after my island, while i’m busy researching, please. As soon as i’m done, i will hand over ownership of the island to you. A few letters, a couple of science magazine articles and some thanksgiving postcards - that’s the extent of your acquaintance with your uncle. This eccentric scientist lives in an old family manor of a tropical island and studies ancient civilizations.


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    It’s so good to see you! Your uncle told me you were coming. I’m cheat-on, the butler. Allow me to show you around and introduce to you the locals. Follow me, if you please. Nobody lives on the island right now. Tap the hut to restore it an attract a new resident. Tap on a resident to get to know them. To settle a resident, tap and hold the resident as you drag them to a hut. Look, the resident has got a quest for you! Tap him to find out the details. We must build a store to get coffee. To do so, let’s open a shop. This is exactly what we need!

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    Drag the candy store from the shop to a free place and confirm construction. Construction has begun. Let’s tap the construction site to see how things are coming along. You can speed up construction so you don’t have to wait too long. Complete the construction by tapping on the store. Tap the store to go inside. Our island has tasty coffee! Drag the recipe to the building to start producing it. Tap character to give him the coffee.
    Trade Island gift box
    We need to stock up on food for the constantly growing population. Tap on the plantation and drag the contract to start producing food. We need gold to restore the city - tap the market square to trade. Let’s earn gold to renovate city hall by completing trade orders. We must produce goods and sell them to the residents. Impressed by your talents, the islanders persuaded you to take up the mayor’s seat. It looks now you have your own tropical islands.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: thanks to your energy and commitment, the island is gradually coming back to life: producing is getting back on track and trade is developing. The delighted islanders want you to take control of the town. All of a sudden, you find yourself the tropical island’s mayor! however, celebrating are tempered by the fact that uncle has gone missing.

    tutorial (wiki): there was once a post office here, but one day all the employees went for lunch and never came back. Places in the queue for the service window are handed down from generation to generation. The wellbeing of the residents is key to the city’s prosperity! Upgrade the huts - the residents will surely appreciate your efforts.

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