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    Rise of Kingdoms android, ios hack codes

    We are here for you, my Lord! The fate of our kingdom rests in your hands! Your people are waiting for you now. Select a hero for your first battle! Don't worry, you can switch between them in the castle, anytime. Bring the hero to battle to gain experience and level up! 2 skill points are earned to unlock unique skills whenever the hero levels up.
    Lady Frost - People wew suffering, the burning sun and fiery breath of dragons kept tortuing this kingdom for ages, until she came from far North, ended flames and pain and brought us with water, life and hope!

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    Welcome game Rise of Kingdoms! Now let's build a strong kingdom together. We need to upgrade our castle right now to unlock more cool stuff! Level scroll – can be used to reduce wait time. Lead us to victory, and let the battles begin! The agile archers can shoot across walls, a large group of them will make any enemy shudder. Challenging a real player's base always brings more resource loot, crowns and honor points. Bat – a massive swarm of bats could easily cause huge damage where as a small amount of them can be used to draw attention of air defense and air bombs and thus guarantee a successful air raid.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Rise of Kingdoms android bug codes: twhen your castle reaches level 4, a new mode called challenge will be unlocked. Tap hero or troop to place them on battlefield. You can upgrade buildings at the same time. Level 4 castle required to unlock challenge mode. Remember to link your game center account to the game, and never give out password to anyone. All of the precious prizes from Grape Man are stored here in your backpack, go and make the most of them! Upgrade your gold storage to allow enough gold to upgrade other buildings!

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