hacking Crazy Zombies
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    Hacked Crazy Zombies android, ios

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    Crazy Zombies android, ios hack codes

    The new gameplay brings a totally new experience. How are you supposed to deal with all these waves of Zombies? Forget about stupid plants and save yourself! Silence the Zombies forever with your Electric Saw, and keep hope alive for the human race. The year 2024, with the sudden outbreak of an unknown virus, the world's major cities have come under zombie attack. Los Angeles, Paris falls. The survivors form an alliance. The fleet codenamed “the ark” is mankind's a last hope. You will lead a search team. Rescue survivors and investigate the cause of the outbreak.

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    Welcome game Crazy Zombies! When using flash bomb during exploration, you will get 1 additional hero. Dear commander, please go to camp. There need to be a secure zone in every city to rescue more people. Don't forget you can collect new heroes in chests every day. You may get hero cards or heroes from diamond draw. The first diamond draw is free. Let's take a look further out. Hopefully we'll find more survivors. Don't forget to set up roadblocks. That should hold them off for a while.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Crazy Zombies android bug codes: you may buy supporting items before entering a dungeon. Upgrading equipment can enhance attack strength. The chainsaw singer angrily swings around his electric saw, inflicting damage on nearby enemies. Stronger equipment comes in handy when killing zombies. Click the talent icon for more details. When employing a friend to explore a main dungeon, both of you will earn kindness. You can chest draw and the elites register to find rare card. You can collect new heroes in chest.

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