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    Conquer Age android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, my lord! We have the enemy who wants to attack our castle. Press “defense” to defend our castle. Please stop them! Press “attack” to attack the enemy. You can defeat the enemy if you destroy all of enemy bases! Collect the resources while raising the level and upgrade your troops(s). It will help you to get even greater victory! If you increase the character level, maximum SP is also increased. SP is restored 1% per one minute and you also can purchase the SP potion from the market.

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    Welcome game Conquer Age! You need SP as much as the cost needed for your troop to enter the war. Please check the mail box for your rewards and notices. You can get many different types of rewards from mission. It's strongly recommended for beginners. You can get a 5 star card for completing a mission for each area! If you tap the help button from each page, you can view the descriptions of each function. You can collect the high grade soldiers with diamonds. You can collect the high grade soldiers with the tickets collected through the mission or event.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Conquer Age android codes: different branch has a different characteristic as below. Infantry (strong HP), cavalry – strong attack damage, archer – good health and attack. You can select the class what suits for you. The stats increases as card level increases. The level can be increased by enchanting cards. Every commander has a different critical attack. The skill can be used during battle to cause critical damage to the enemy. Every commander has a commander skill. If you place your soldiers and commander with a same branch, you get the additional stats.

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