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    9 Elements android, ios hack codes

    Hey! Nice to meet you! Before we start, let me show you simple controls of the game. You can see left, right control panel on the left bottom. Of course, used for left or right movement. A button on the right bottom is jump button. You can jump, and spike with this button. On the left top, the shining orb displays your skill gauge for special moves. If you have enough skill gauge, skill button will appear. On the center top, you'll see scores, time left, and the pause button. Okay, it's about time we start moving your character!

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    Welcome game 9 Elements! Left bottom control panel moves your character back and forth. Touch outside or slide outside from the center of control panel to slide. Keep in mind, you can cancel slide by jumping or moving opposite direction. Touch jump button on the right bottom to jump. Controls and button replacement are able in the option, so refer to it. First, Heading is a simplest way to attack by jumping. Position of the ball makes various attack, so keep practicing! Jump, and without releasing the button, draw it to the direction that you want to attack.

    Secrets cheat gameplay 9 Elements android codes: touch and hold jump button for long jump. Spike Ready Mode - In this states, release or make contact with the ball to activate Spike. Charging enough before you spike will unleash Power Spike. Power spike may even stun the opponent, so give it a try! You'll be in big trouble if struck by opponent's power spike. But don't worry! Just guard will protect you from any damages. Just before you get struck, touch left, or right control panel to activate Just Guard. Special movement using skill gauge won't be a problem for you. Depending on the amount of skill gauge, you can unleash 2 different skills. Common skill needs 30%, and the Special ones need 100% of the skill gauge. Touching the skill button when your gauge is over 30% will unleash common skill.

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