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    Dynasty Warriors android, ios hack codes

    Let's deploy our forces too and quickly clear a pass towards Hulao gate for our alliance! Press and hold the joystick at the lower side of the screen and slide to the intended direction that you wish to walk towards. Press and hold the attack button at the lower right to unleash your attack! Use the officer's skill to unleash some powerful moves and overwhelm the enemies quickly! Musouw will continue to build up during battle. Each Musou bar will allow you to unleash a powerful Musou rage!

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    Welcome game Dynasty Warriors! The fall of the Han royal house seemed inevitable, but to bring peace to this era of chaos, you decided to join the army of the benevolent lord Liu Bei. Liu Bei has now answered the summons of lord Yuan Shao, who has created an alliance of 18 great lords to overthrow the tyrant Dong Zhuo. Select an officer and fight your battle in the name of the alliance!
    Zhao Yun -a shu officer. Formerly a servant of Yuan Shao and later congsun Zan, he changed loyalties to Lui Bei, impressed by his virtuousness and personality. Bold and daring, he single handedly charged through the enemy army at the battle of changban in order to rescue Liu Bei's son, Liu Shan. He was among the Five tiger generals of the Shu kingdom. Diaochan – a young songstress unequaled in beauty as well as song and dance. Having been raised by Wang Yun as his own daughter, she agreed to participate in his plan to divide Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu. She managed to get close to both of them , and succeeded in tearing their relationship apart, with Lu bu later killing Dong Zhuo.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dynasty Warriors android codes: An officer with a t least 5 stars can unleash an ultimate rage once all musou bars have been filled up. Officers with element advantage deal more damage to enemies. Zhou Tai – a Wu officer. Formerly a pirate, he came to work for Sun Ce. Despite serious injury, he succeeded in rescuing Sun Quan when he was attacked by bandits. At the battle of Hefei, he used his own body as a shield to again protect Sun Quan. He was rewarded with a banquet in his honor. Xu Shu – a dedicated swordsman since childhood. After a failed revenge mission, he switched his focus to study and became Sima Hui's apprentice. Later, he showed Liu Bei the improtance of strategy by repelling Cao's forces with a clever scheme. After seeing his men tricked< Cao recruited Xu Shu for himself.

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