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    Hacked Fishing Ground android, ios

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    Fishing Ground android, ios hack codes

    Hello. Nice to meet you. My name is cheat-on and I will be supporting you. Now, I will explain what to do. Why don't we try fishing? Let's go to the archipelago marine park. This place is Dadohae marine park. Beginner license can be obtained in here. Level in here is 1-10, and stamina consumption is 2. Additionally, today's fish is crucian carp. Do you have all your equipment? Let's go if you're ready.
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    Welcome game Fishing Ground! Do you see wide sea? You need permission from the supervisor to fish here. I already have an international fishing certificate, do I really need to? Shows currently accumulated jackpot amount. When selling fish, the jackpot amount is automatically accounted for. When fishing is successful, a certain amount will be given according to the jackpot level. Show item effect – this icon shows the effect of items in use. Touch the icon for more detailed explanation of effects. Cast – press the button to continue fishing. To use items touch them before fishing.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Fishing Ground android codes: try a raid fish with friends. A different and stronger experience and rewards await. When entering fever mode touch the flying fish. You can earn more gold than normal. Control the level to move the boat right and left or forward and reverse. Fishing uses stamina. Bait – show information of bait. Touch bait to change equipped bait. Also purchase baits here. Item – purchase necessary items here. Touch purchased or possessed items to reserve use. Touch the screen to reel in! Release touch to release reel. When arrows overlap slide in arrow direction!

    how to enter hack cheats Fishing Ground.

  • how and where enter
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