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    Hacked Z City android, ios

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    Z City android, ios hack codes

    A new Zombie Virus has broken out. As more humans succumb to the virus, the Zombie Army becomes more powerful. The fate of the world is at stake. As one of the few remaining human settlements, we need to clear the area around our base and recover territory! Please train troops and increase our strength! In addition to these defensive troops, we need some ranged units: snipers. They have long range and stronger attack power.

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    Welcome game Z City! Commander, you have recovered territory. You can now build more buildings. First, build radar to scout enemies. The radar detects and warns you of attacking armies and scouts enemy bases and troops. The radar gives you information about enemy attacks ahead of time. Being the victim of a surprise attack is a very bad thing. The shooter camp is where shooters are trained. Shooters can kill your enemies from a distance, before your enemies even see them. Hospitals are where you can heal your wounded soldiers. Healing wounded soldiers is easier than training new ones. The institute is where you research technology to improve your city. Since we know zombies exist, what unknown technology can we research and discover? The institute is where scientists ask this question.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Z City android codes: if you have played before and want to restore your account, please skip the tutorial and connect to the social network. Click on the blank area to restore the interface display. You must eliminate all of the soldiers to win territory. Defeat the zombies and take the resources they are carrying, we must first clear the zombies from around our base. When you activate vip level 3 or higher, you will gain a speed bonus when attacking zombies. Hospitals could be used for heal wounded troops, the more you build, the sooner you will finish let's build one now. Remember to research more science. Please follow quest tips to develop your basement, be prepared for the coming battle.

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