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    Planet of Heroes android, ios hack codes

    Look, this lad is Duncan – your first hero. And this is the lane! Here you can see fountains, bases and towers – yours and the enemies' ones. Use the joystick to move to the way points! Slaying minions should really be helpful! Oh, it looks like you've got a nasty scratch there! Best would be to use the spark! Use the spark button for healing. This is the tower. It protects the enemy's lane from intruders. Destroy it with your army while your opponents aren't on the lane!

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    Welcome game Planet of Heroes! Destroy the enemy's base to win! Barrel – the hero performs a circular strike, dealing high damage to enemies around her. Boost – the hero surges in the chosen direction, dealing minor damage to all enemies encountered and pushing the first enemy encountered. Other enemies are shoved to the side. Nosedive – the hero quickly jumps at the highest priority enemy within a large area, dealing high damage and stunning them for 1 second. Renew – killing a hero reduces ability cooldowns by 20%, and killing a minion reduces them by 1 second. Sticky mine – the hero throws a mine to the selected area, which sticks to the first hero it touches and then explodes after a short delay, dealing heavy area damage.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Planet of Heroes android codes: Rage – the next attack made within 3 seconds of using this ability deals increased damage and slows all targets within the hit zone by 40%. Explosive Harpoon - the hero fires an explosive harpoon at the priority target, dealing damage and detonating all the basic attack harpoons on the target, dealing even more damage and slowing the target. Mega torpedo – the hero launches a pair of torpedoes at the priority target, which follow the target and explode, dealing massive area damage. Purchase a rune. Next tier's runes require unlocking those of the current one. Runes are purchased with planetoons or Elder's insignia. Turret protection – damage taken from towers is reduced. Collect your reward today, or your progress will be expired tomorrow. Shards of valor – new heroes can only be attracted with shards of valor. Rumors say they use it on runes too.

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