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    Hacked God of Arena android, ios

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    God of Arena android, ios hack codes

    Farewell, Rome. But I will return. When the day comes, I will stand up against the most powerful man in the empire. Sulla, the praetor of Rome. The one who killed my old man. In front of all romans, you insulted my family, and the honor of my father. You may wash the blood away from the arena, but the picture of you murdering him, will never be removed from my memory.
    That father...once the praetor of all of the great Empire of Rome...powerless in the hands of Marcus. Death is nothing to fear. As my father was about to die, I saw in his eyes a look of disdain, and a ray of hope. Sulla, my nemesis. I swear that one day, in this arena I will see despair in your eyes.

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    Welcome game God of Arena! My lord, Sulla will surely dispatch his men to hunt you down. Let's return to your homeland of Sabrae to settle down and gain our bearings. Home for a man whose heart has shattered, it is a place to heal all wounds. Sabrae, the site of so many sweet in ruins. This is the hall of glory where the souls of legendary gladiators reside. You can recruit new gladiators in the hall of glory. Deploying more gladiators can make your team stronger. You can adjust your lineup in the team menu. The number of team members depends upon your clan slots to adjust the lineup. Clear game levels to gain equipments and skills.

    Secrets cheat gameplay God of Arena android codes: increase your gladiator's ability to amplify the damage of agility skills. When you equip a skill to a gladiator, it will cost certain potential of the gladiator. Clear game levels to gain clan experience, silver, gladiator experience, and other lucky drops. You can recruit glariators for free in the hall of glory after 46 hours. Every equipment has five ratings: normal, good, excellent, perfect, and unique. A hight stamina attribute increases the probability of shield skill attacks. Raid other players' shards to get superior equipments, skills, and formations. A higher vip level increases the possibilities of lucky forges.

    how to enter hack cheats God of Arena.

  • how and where enter
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