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    JanKen Battle Arena android, ios hack codes

    Hello commander, many don't make it this far, you must be a courageous fighter. Let us not delay, you have to tame your first guardian spirit. Bearu has more than one trick up his sleeve, known for his legendary resistance, he is a dreaded opponent. Fifo has a sharp mind, his precise strokes give him a quick winning edge. Small but strong, one magic stroke from Kitsy can be lethal for her opponent.

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    Welcome game JanKen Battle Arena! Now let's see if you can control this spirit. The rules are simple: rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, paper, paper beats rock. Your played paper and your opponent played rock! Paper beats rock, so press on the button attack. You played scissors and your opponent played rock! Scissors lose against rock! Press on the button defense. Try to use pree the button as fast as you possibly can attack and defense. If you're fast enough, you will be able use your hammer to attack or your shield to defend. Using your hammer, your attack was much more powerful. When the doki is sufficiently full the Jinrai becomes available, you can then use it with a symbol.

    Secrets cheat gameplay JanKen Battle Arena android codes: to perform a strong attack, press the button attack as fast as possible. You succeeded in raising your shield to defend yourself better, you're going to need this trick. I can see you're catching on fast, I may have been right thinking that your were different to the others. To win, you must draw as many circles as possible around the stones. Be quick but be careful, if you don't follow precisely the blue line, the circle will not count. You must cut the sheet as many times as possible. The player with the highest number of cuts wins the turn. Doki bar – it increases depending on your successes. You can't eat it, you have to fill it up to use your Jin'rai. To counter attack Jin'rai adverse, you only need to win move! Not only that, your opponents will lose their stock of doki. Gotcha – the gift machine is full of surprises, try your luck regularly. The gold won during your fights will allow you to use the machine.

    Tips: the passive bonuses are special skills that are automatically triggered during the fight. Once used it will be consumed, so select them well as thay can save your life. Each fight costs energy. Energy is restored progressively.

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