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    Hacked Warband android, ios

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    Warband android, ios hack codes

    Ah looks like this one still draws breath! Here take my hand. My name is cheat-on of Avardia. The enemy is upon us! Westshine is under attack! Commander Fargrey has fallen! The men are in disarray! This here is the battlefield, you can scout the enemy lines by swiping the screen. Drag and drop your squads onto the battlefield. The guards are heavy units, which are specialized in taking damage, try putting them in front of all your other units. The warriors are masters of melee combat, they can deal lots of damage and also take a beating.

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    Welcome game Warband! The clerics specialize in healing other units and keeping your other squads alive. The mages are lords of the arcane arts, they deal extreme damage at long range at the cost of their low defense. The hunters are tactical units which serve the unique purpose of eliminating long ranged targets. The rogues are glass cannons which can turn the tides of battle when handled by a true tactician. Rogues like to shoose their fights, especially ones that are in their favor. Your army alone can fight well, but utilizing their abilities when available can dramatically improve the outcome.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Warband android codes: traps will immobilize your squads. Try getting three stars on a pirate battle! You never know what you'll get! Your heroes' active skill is potentially much more powerful than your squads! The commander's abilities allows you to create chaos among your enemies or blessings among your squads. When you see a bandwagon, destroy it as fast as you can! Guards are lean, mean, damage eating machines. Try getting three stars on a pirate battle! You never know what you'll get! Pirate stages will challenge you to step up your game. Battle camp – all war decisions or diplomatic expeditions start and end here.

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